Vienna won group B by a big win against Šenčur

Vienna won group B by a big win against Šenčur

BC GGMT Vienna – KK GGD Šenčur 104:71 (24:15, 19:23, 32:9, 39:24)

Referees: Doušek, Gacík, Karnay (all Slovakia)

Attendance: 100

Venue: Hallmann Dome

Scorers – Vienna: Sirišević 29, Hughes 19, Vrabac 14, Vujošević 12, Murati 9, Jones 8, Jogela and Rados both 4, Radakovics 3, Zdravkovic 2, Detrick a Zadeh 0

Scorers – Šenčur: Ozegović 15, Malovčić 14, Tešić 12, Ahmedović 9, Martinčić 8, Rizvić 7, Ivković 4, Daneu 2, Rojć 0

KK Šenčur won the jump ball but lost it right after – Bogić Vujošević got fouled on his way to the basket and was rewarded with two free-throws. These two points were the only points for the following two minutes. In minute three an unsportsmanlike and a technical foul was called on Royć which brought the home team a 7:0 score. Due to early team fouls on both sides, most of the points were made from the line. Vienna started with a 9-point lead in quarter two. Šencčr made some mistakes in defending BC GGMT’s fastbreaks and one-on-one drives. Vienna’s aggressive defense caused many fouls in this period, which helped Šenčur score easy points from the free-throw-line. Šenčur came closer and closer, but Vienna still won the first half with a 5-point lead (43:38).

Vienna definitely came back stronger – they started the second half with a powerful 14:0 run. Coach Pavković called his team in for a timeout. But Vienna kept scoring, especially from the three-point-line. The score at the end of the third quarter was 75:47 for Vienna. In the last period, Šenčur fought hard, scored a few times, but Vienna let the guests no chance to come closer, and finished the game with 104:71.

Post-game quotes:

Aramis Naglić, coach of Vienna: “For us it was without pressure, but we still tried to play well. We won this game and that’s important and we’re looking forward to the next game in the Austrian championship.”

Adin Vrabac, player of Vienna: “The last game of the group stage, we had a really good game, Šenčur is having an important game tomorrow and they didn’t have all the players for a rotation. But we did our job professionally.”

Miljan Pavković, coach of Šenčur: “This was a very tough game for us because we had 5 missing players. It was hard to compare. Vienna played very well and were very aggressive and deserved to win.”

Alen Malovčić, player of Šenčur: “It was a hard game, we were missing people. We hope to win the next game.”