Vienna with a strong statement against Děčín

Vienna with a strong statement against Děčín

BK ARMEX Děčín – BC GGMT Vienna 73:109 (19:27, 9:23, 28:30, 17:29)

Referees: Kuzia, Langowski, Skorek (all Poland)

Audience: 210

Venue: ARMEX Sportcentrum, Děčín

Scorers – Děčín: Svoboda 18, Šiška and Kroutil each 10, Kotásek, Mach and Žikla each 8, Gregg 7, Sertič and Skalička each 2

Scorers – Vienna: Vrabac 21, Rados 18, Murati 17, Jogela 16, Jones 12, Vujosevic 11, Hughes and Detrick each 7

Vienna team started to show great basketball from the very first minute. Dečín without Pomikálek and Dodd kept the score close till the 5th minute, but then it was the experienced players of the Austrian club who showed their quality. Physical power and intensity on defense meant the score was 19:27 after 10 minutes. In the second quarter, the guests played even harder, very good Polish referees let the gameplay this modern way and Vienna used it. Oppositely,the home team had troubles scoring, getting in shooting position. Preciousness on offense was another of Vienna’s weapon. Good ball movement and scoring mainly from the inside, led to a halftime score of 28:50.

Young Děčín team kept on fighting and the will to play competitively was visible. Anyway, only the will is not enough against such strong teams. The third quarter was the most tied looking from the score and the game as well. Děčín scored 3 three-pointers and had a much better balance on offense. On the other half-Vienna didn’t score that easily from under the rim. After 30 minutes, 56:80. In the last quarter Vienna didn’t relax, and its rotation stayed the whole game mainly on 8 very experienced players, while another one – Siriscevic wasn’t prepared to get into contact and young Bozic got 2 minutes on the floor. Děčín scored six points in a row in the end to make the score in the final 73:109.

Post-game quotes:

Tomáš Grepl, coach of Děčín: „We knew it would be a tough game against Vienna. It is not a secret that the club made a big budget for the season, they brought 10 experienced, great players, so it was really tough. Congratulations to Vienna and coach Naglic to this win.“

David Žikla, player of Děčín: „It was really tough to fight against Vienna’s players who are big and heavy, but it doesn’t mean they should beat us this way. We have to get experience from this game and get better at the next games.“

Aramis Naglić, coach of Vienna: „This was a very important game for us to find the right rythm. I think we made it, we showed pretty good physical basketball. This outside win can help us a lot as a group, we are making our goals, so it is good.“

Jason Detrick, player of Vienna: „It was a good game. Very important for a group to get this win. We showed some things that we have been practicing a lot. So it is a good start and we have to keep at this.“