Vienna wins offensive battle

Vienna wins offensive battle

BC Hallmann Vienna vs. KK Sencur GGD
109:97 (34:21, 56:45, 76:48)

Referees: Brandstötter, Radonjic, Rainer.
Audience: 50.
Venue: Hallmann Dome.

Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Shoutvin 43, Stazic 21, Trmal 17, Radakovics 12, Zadeh 10, Gvozden 6.
Scorers Arkadia Traiskirchen Lions: Brkic 18, Martincic 17, Tesic 16, Jurcek 13, Ivkovic 15, Novak 12, Rotar 4, Znidar 2.

A very strong start into this game from both teams. On the home team side it was Shoutvin who scored 15 points in the first 10 minutes of the game. Radakovic made 3 3-Pointer in the same quarter. Although the Guests also scored well, the first quarter ended wit BC Hallmann 13 Points ahead. The second quarter almost similar to the forst with many chances to score. This time it was the team of KK Sencur who took its chance and won the quarter (22:24). Back on court after halftime break, it was again Shoutvin who scored another 14 points for his Team. Also the guests showed efficiency under the basket which lead to a final score of 76:68 of the third quarter.

In the final quarter both teams tried to bring the win home. The game seemed to speed up again and both teams were able to score more points than in the quarters before. After 40 minutes the BC Hallmann Vienna was the winning team of this game (109:97).

Trmal, player of Vienna: “It was a very interesting game at the Alpe Adria Cup. It seems like we can play very well here but at BSL we have lots of troubles. In Offense we were very strong but letting the oponents score 97 points shows not the best kind of defense. Hopefully we will win the next AAC game next week again.”

Gresta, head coach of Vienna: “Satisfaction for the win but 97 points are too many allowed! We got to run a better defense but let’s get the win.”

Subotic, head coach of Sencur: “It was a good game for us. We were able to use young players as well!”

Tesic, player of Sencur: “We didn’t use our full bench – congratulations to BC Hallmann.”