Vienna opens AAC-campaign with victory

Vienna opens AAC-campaign with victory

BC Hallmann Vienna vs. BK Opava
86:73 (20:20, 40:40, 65:58)

Referees: Kratschmer, Brandstötter, Stokic
Audience: 70
Venue: Hallmann Dome

Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Shoutvin 29, Stazic 16, Gvozden 16, Detrick 15, Radakovics 5, Hassan-Zadeh 3, Trbovic 2

Scorers BK Opava: Dragoun 14, Ludek 12, Stepanek 11, Kvapil 10, Svandrlik 10, Bukovjan 7, Slavik 7,

The game started very unspectecular. Both teams tried to score without playing a hard defense. Unfortunately it took both times a few minutes to score – after 5 minutes both teams had only 9 points on their account. The quarter finished even with 20 to 20. Almost the same first 10 minutes seem to happen in the next 10. The defense of both teams was very light and many shots were missed. BK Opava tried to substitute a little more to get more speed into the game but without any luck. Again, 20 points on each side were scored in this quarter.

After the half time break the home team from BC Hallmann Vienna started to rebound a little more and therefore got many second chances. After 5 minutes they were able to gain a lead of 10 points. For the first time of this game the quarter ended in favour of the home team with 65:58.

In the last quarter everybody seemed to wake up and both teams started to fight for their rebounds and acted more actively in defense. For BK Opava indeed it was too late and BC Hallmann Vienna was able to hold his lead until the end of the game.

Gvozden, player of Vienna: “We had a good day and we proved that we can play as a team.”

Hassan-Zadeh, player of Vienna: “We made lots of our 3-point-shots and I think we improved since our last game at BSL.”

Vlcek, assistant coach of Opava: “Our starting 5 stayed at home because we wanted to give the other guys a chance but they didn’t use it well. They didn’t play like we used to.”

Ludek, player of Opava: “It was a terrible game – we didn’t run and we didn’t take the open shots. Vienna controlled the game in the second half. We cannot take it as an excuse that we didn’t bring our starting 5 players but I hope we will play better in the next game.”