Vienna didn´t have problems with Děčín

Vienna didn´t have problems with Děčín

BC GGMT Vienna – BK ARMEX Děčín 98:78 (24:19, 23:21, 27:21, 24:17)

Referees: Ženiš, Bartoš, Obertová (all SVK)

Attendance: 100

Venue: Hallmann Dome

Scorers – Vienna: Rados 20, Jones, Radakovics and Vrabac each 15, Jogela 13, Sirisevic 12, Vuyosevic 8, Bozic, Detrick, Hughes, Zadeh and Zdravkovic 0

Scorers – Děčín: Nichols and Svoboda each 15, Pomikálek 14, Prahl 12, Šiška 10, Kroutil 7, Bobek 3, Žikla 2, Rozsypal and Vlasák 0

After five minutes and a score of 18:7 Děčín took their first time out to break the hosting teams’ run. Back on the court, Děčín seemed more aggressive than before and were able to break through Vienna’s strong defense. BC GGMT Vienna was still able to hold their lead with a score of 24:19 after the first ten minutes. In the second half, after a 10:0 run in minute four, the home team lost their rhythm. Two minutes before halftime, Děčín came really close again at 39:32, but Vienna was still able to win the first half with 47:40.

Vienna started very strong into the third quarter, with 13:4 within four minutes. Their powerful offensive play put a lot of pressure on Děčín which led to team fouls before the first half of this quarter was over. Especially Vienna’s outside shots behind the three-point-line seemed to be undefendable for Děčín. Followed by many free-throws, BC GGMT Vienna was able to hold their lead until the quarter break– 74:61. In the last period, Děčín fought very hard but wasn’t able to come closer than before in the game.

Post-game quotes:

Jozo Rados, player of Vienna: “We earned this win – we were the better team tonight.“

Paul Radakovics, player of Vienna: “Important win for us, especially when we look at the standings. We started great and won the game.“

Tomáš Grepl, coach of Děčín: “We know that Vienna’s got a very good team. We’ve lost our first game against them at home with more than 30 points, so we knew that they were a strong team. We didn’t play bad, but Vienna is the better team with a high percentage from outside. We need to concentrate on the next games now.“

Brett Prahl, player of Děčín: “We played against a very good team tonight. Also physical very good. They played very good ball.“