Vienna did not allow Olomoucko to succeed in its AAC debut

Vienna did not allow Olomoucko to succeed in its AAC debut

BC GGMT Vienna – BK Redstone Olomoucko 99:69 (24:12, 26:14, 20:19, 29:24)

Referees: Dousek T., Uhrin E., Izak J. (all Slovakia)

Attendance: 100

Venue: Hallmann Dome Vienna

Scorers –  Vienna: Rados 19, Sirišević 18, Thomas 16, Murati and Manigat each 12, Savić 8, Vujošević and Mateo each 7, Zadeh, Zdravković and Valentić 0

Scorers – Olomoucko: Williams 17, Moten 15, Knežević 13, Halada 10, Feštr 6, Klepač 5, Tkadlec 3, Nosek, Heinzl, Skalička and Smik 0

After an impressive 8-0 run right from the start, Vienna forced the guests from Czech Republic to their first time out very early in this first quarter. It still took Olomoucko two more minutes to score the first regular basket of the game. The home teams‘ aggressive defense still kept the guests under pressure. Until half time Olomoucko was able to find a few open shots and ways to score under the basket. Nevertheless,  Vienna was able to keep up their intensity – which led to a halftime score of 50:26.

The second half seemed to start as the first one ended, but a quick 6-0 run from Olomoucko somehow interrupted the fast game of the home team. Followed by a free-throw caused by a technical foul by Vienna’s Captain Vujošević, brought Olomoucko closer. Just one offensive play later, Heinzl, on the other side of the court, committed a technical foul – emotions started to rise on both sides. Vienna was still in the leading position when the ball was handed over for the final and last quarter (70:45). Two quick three-pointers from Vujošević and Sirišević within two minutes after the clock started led Coach Pekárek to his second timeout of this half.  Olomoucko kept fighting until the end but could not change the final score for Vienna 99:69.

Post-game quotes:

Aramis Naglić, head coach of Vienna: “This game started very seriously from the beginning, especially in defense. We controlled the whole game, we rotated all the players and that was a good preparation for the game against Oberwart what we have on Sunday.”

Carlos Novas Mateo, player of Vienna: “Congrats to my team – it was a well fought game. The Czech team really came to fight but we had our gameplan ready and we executed. On to the next one.”

Michal Pekárek, head coach of Olomoucko: “We came here a little bit under man, we are trying to solve all our issues in this period but the main problem is that we didn’t have enough time to solve all the problems at the moment. But we like to prepare and be better in the upcoming games.”

Lukáš Feštr, player of Olomoucko: “We tried to play hard for 40 minutes but it wasn’t enough – Vienna was much better during the whole 40 minutes. They were much more physical against us and they deserved to win in the end.”