Usti is through to the quarter-finals

UBSC RAIFFEISEN GRAZ : Sluneta Usti nad Labem
75:104 (20:25, 48:41, 56:72)

Referees Hiermann, Khadkodai, Ivankovic (all A).
Audience: 200.
Venue:Sportpark  (Graz, A).

UBSC: Car 21, Jamerson 13, Beard 14 (6 assists), Mc Rae 12, Rasic 6, Poscic 4, Yovitsoski 3 (6 rebounds), Maresch 2, Brcina, Renner, Wess 6,
Usti: Pecka 21 (8 rebounds), Campera 19, Svejcar16, Fait 15, Houska 12, Brown 7 (12 assists), David 6, Bazant 5 and Madera 3

For UBSC Raiffeisen Graz the new US player Mantell Mc Rae started the first time, Sluneta Usti was leading from the beginning, the Graz player Car and Jamerson  brought Graz in the 6thminute to 12:15, but some three pointers by the Czech team (David and Pecka) brought them a 20:25 lead.

With a stronger defense by UBSC and two three pointer made by Yovitsoski and Car Graz had a 28:27 lead in the 13. Minute. The game was tied till the 15. Minute (33:33) a 12:0 run and the game was decided for Usti nad Labem. They had a very good percentage from the three point line (55%), a better rebound performance (41:27) more assists (32:18) and less turnover.

All player of both teams had the possibility to play and show their skills. Sluneta Usti nad Labem won with 75:104 in Graz.

Ervin Dragsic ,  coach Graz: We played in the first quarter on the same level, after 16 minutes we lost our concentration, and at the end all bench player could play.”

Anton Maresch, player Graz: Congratulation to Usti, we had too many downs and our defensive was not good.”

Pistiecky , head coach Usti: „We are happy that we won, we fight well and all could play”

Ladislav  Pecka, player Usti: „We performed well as a team.”