Turnovers cause drama for Sluneta

Turnovers cause drama for Sluneta

In a close battle between two first-round-winners GTK Gliwice took the 78:76-victory against Sluneta Usti nad Labem.

Sluneta Usti nad labem vs. GTK Gliwice
76:78 (23:17, 40:41, 51:58)

Referees: Linhart, Jerab, Kec (all CZE).
Audience: 750.
Venue: Sportcentrum Sluneta.

Scorers Sluneta Usti nad labem: Pecka 17, Houska 15, Stevanovic 15, Sotnar 15, Svejcar 12, Wisseh 2.
Scorers GTK Gliwice: Radwanski 18, Mack 17, Piechowicz 10, Slupinski 9, Dawkins 7, Kurbas 6, Kiwilsza 4, LaChance3, Dodd 2, Robak 2.

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A very close game brought the next round of AAC in which SLUNETA hosted Gliwice. Both oponents have beaten Šenčur, so everybody expected a close game. And it was.

SLUNETA had a big entrance to the game with four threes in a row and suddenly the score was 12:2. Gliwice started slowly, but was able to come back till the end of the first quarter. But still, SLUNETA was ahead 23:17. In the second quarter both teams played well, but the team from Poland started to play more physical and that caused problems for the home team. Usti started to make turnovers. The score at half time was 40:41.

Second half of the game was an up and down affair: Gliwice started to play a zone press and the stupid turnovers from the Czech squad continued. But they were able to repeat the three point performance from the first minutes of the game and fired their way back into the game form beyond the arc. In the end, 18 seconds before the last sirene, one of these three point heroes from the minutes before made a turnover. Radwanski stole the ball, found his teamate Dawkins, who scored an and-one to lift his team up 78:76. SLUNETA’s last shot didn’t go in, Gliwice took the win.

Antonín Pištěcký, head coach of Sluneta: “Congrats to the opponent, I will make it short, we gave the game to them with our stupid turnovers, which usually not even happen to kids. The last 30 seconds we were plus 1, we had the ball and another stupid turnover costs us the game.”

Pavel Houška, player of Sluneta: “I have to agree with my coach, we made a lot of mistakes, especially at the end. We have to get better in that.”

Pawel Turkiewicz, head coach of Gliwice: “We are satisfied, because we won this game, we didn´t play very special. We made a lot of bad things, especially in the offense, to much easy misses under the basket. And we gave a lot of open shot to the opponent. Sometimes we even played to soft.”

Kacper Radwanski, player of Gliwice: “It wasn’t the best game from us, but somehow we won this game. The opponents were tough tonight, we are glad that we got two wins and hope we can continue with this winstreak. But we can´t play like this, we have to watch the video, step up and be better the next time.”