Timisoara win Group D, they confirmed this status against Rogaska

Timisoara win Group D, they confirmed this status against Rogaska
SCM OHMA Mozzart Bet Timisoara – KK Rogaška 99:74 (20:11, 26:23, 31:16, 22:24)

Attendance: 500

Scorers – Timisoara: Kesar and Djković 17, McClellan, Maticiuc and Petrescu each 13, Gajić 8, Lazar and Năsturescu each 5, Schipor 4, Vujošević and Stanciu eac 2, Mocrițchi 0

Scorers – Rogaška: Miličević 17, Špan 15, Riley 13, Durnik and Sivka each 8, Močnik and Tabak each 4, Jean-Baptiste and Kavkler each 2, Kraljević 1, Čolnarić 0

Post-game quotes:

Dragan Petričević, coach of Timișoara: “We finished with this part of the european games in 2022. I think we presented ourselves well and represented the city of Timisoara very well. Rogaška is a more dangerous team than what they have played so far. It is a serious team and comes from an important european country, that has a high level of basketball. We want to win the competition, although we have not set this as our goal. What we have achieved so far is correct. In the next phase we will meet Dabrowa Górnicza, a very dangerous polish team, the hardest from the point of view of the squad, even considering the budget. Even though this team finished second in her group, which is surprising to me, is the most difficult opponent we could face in the next phase. Also Pardubice would have been a very difficult opponent, because they play together for many years. Dabrowa Górnicza has two players who played in NBA, it will be tough, but we are going to play without pressure and try to qualify for the Final Four.”

Edward Petrescu, player of Timisoara: “I’m glad that we all managed to play and that we raise the intensity in the second half, especially in defense. We managed to finish first in this group. We had very good games, I’m very happy that we manage to connect better and better with each other. I think we will make a good figure in the next phase of Alpe Adria Cup.”

Peter Markovinović, coach of Rogaška: “Congratulations to the home team! They were better than us, they scored easy baskets and we missed some open shots. The difference was too much for our team. We are sad that we were eliminated, but it was a good experience for our young players. I think Timisoara is the best team in this group, they have experienced players and they know how to play away games.”

Staš Sivka, player of Rogaška: “It’s hard every time, we didn’t do the things we spoked about in the locker room. We played bery bad in defence. We expect every team to play their best and we prepared for that but we couldn’t get a win out of this game.”