Timisoara gets it done in crunch time

Timisoara gets it done in crunch time

KK Rogaška – SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara 97:103 (26:21, 28:28, 19:26, 24:28)

Referees: Gracin, Kovačević, Juraga

Attendance: 50

Venue: Gradska Sportska Dvorana Zabok

Scorers – Rogaška: Riley 18, Miličević 17, Špan 16, Jean-Baptiste 15, Durnik 13, Močnik 6, Kavlker, Kraljević and Tabak each 4, Branković and Čolnarić

Scorers – Timisoara: Djković 32, McClellan 20, Mirković 18, Kesar 15, Gajić 10, Lazar 8, Maticiuc, Nasturescu, Petrescu and Vujošević 0

Rogaška made a great start of the game (18:10), but Timisoara quickly responded and tie the result at 18:18. After fast break and easy basket of Miličević Rogaška took their biggest lead of the game (33:24). After a timeout by Timisoara head coach Petricevic, Timisoara tie once again (35:35). Rogaška on the wings of the outstanding Span built up a five-point advantage after second period (54:49). Span, who scored 16 points, 6 rebounds and 8 assists in the first half, got injured in the last action of the second quarter and did not return to the floor after the halftime.

The second half was dominated by the Romanians, who quickly took the lead thanks to a brilliant Ilija Djković and took their first lead of the game (58:60). The score was 73:75 before the last quarter, but the experience and the quality of the Romanians showed up in the last ten minutes, as they claimed their second win of the season after beating Zabok as well.

Post-game quotes:

Peter Markovinovič, coach of Rogaška: “Unfortunately, our current physical condition is not yet at the highest level and this was also evident in this match. It is good to see that the injured players are back, but unfortunately Sivka and Span have problems now. The fact is that we played against a more experienced team and we offered good resistances until the last minute.”

Domen Močnik, player of Rogaška: “It’s a tough game behind us. We fought well despite our problems. I hope that Span’s injury is not serious and that we will be luckier next time.”

Dragan Petričević, coach of Timisoara: “It happened exactly as I predicted. It was a totally different game from yesterday. We weren’t at full capacity mentally either, we made a lot of giveaways and fouls against a team that plays clean and organized basketball. This match was very close throughout. The most important thing is that we got the second victory. I believe that two away wins will count, but we should not think about this. We need to focus on the matches that we will play in the domestic championship. Fatigue is very high, with two games in two days, with a road of over ten hours and another equally long to come. When the other Alpe Adria Cup matches come we will have to treat them with the same intensity with which we treated these away games.“

Ilija Djoković, player of Timisoara: “It was tough. Rogaska showed agresivity in the beginning. We couldn’t match it up, probably because we were tired after the game we played yesterday. But in the second half we showed character and how big we are. It’s early in the season, this is the second game, it’s normal to have ups and downs. We try to get better every day.“