The AAC group stage is over, the pairings for the quarter-finals are known

The AAC group stage is over, the pairings for the quarter-finals are known

16 were on the starting line, only 8 are left. The Alpe Adria Cup is entering its most attractive phase – the playoffs. Who will play who in the quarter-finals and when? Find out right now.

The very first quarter-final pair will pit the teams that were part of the Final Four against each other. Pardubice, as the winner of Group A, will challenge Spišskí Rytieri. In the quarter-finals, the players from Vienna will also be in the playoffs, where they will face this year’s successful newcomer – Kolín.

Other debutants in the current AAC edition have also achieved a huge success. Komárno dominated Group C and will fight with Šibenka for a place in the semi-finals. Wildcard holder Timisoara will face an attractive double-header with Dabrowa Górnicza.

Interestingly, 3 of the 4 participants of the last Final Four (Pardubice, Spišskí Rytieri, Vienna) are in the playoffs again. Levice, after their first ever triumph in the AAC, are currently playing successfully in the second stage of the FIBA Europe Cup.

In the Quarterfinals the respective group winners from the Regular Season shall have homecourt advantage in the return leg. Gameday for quarterfinals are set to 24th/25th January and 7th/8th February 2023.

Whoever has the higher number of points in the two matches will advance to the semi-finals. The Final Four and the culmination of this year’s AAC is tentatively scheduled for March 14-16, 2023.

AAC Playoff Quarterfinal Schedule:

BK KVIS Pardubice – Spišskí Rytieri

BC GGMT Vienna – BC GEOSAN Kolín

BC Komárno – GKK Šibenka

SCM OHMA Mozzart Bet Timisoara – MKS Dabrowa Górnicza


Winner BK KVIS Pardubice/Spišskí Rytieri – Winner BC GMMT Vienna/BC GEOSAN Kolín

Winner BC Komárno/GKK Šibenka – Winner SCM OHMA Mozzart Bet Timisoara/MKS Dabrowa Górnicza