Split first ever winner of AAC Women’s Winter Tournament

Split first ever winner of AAC Women’s Winter Tournament


UBI Graz – KAŽL Split 55:89 (11:17, 20:29, 20:27, 4:16)

Referees: Mohorić, Letonje, Gutaj

Attendance: 70

Scorers – Graz: Neumann 19, Banks and Fastova each 11, Bischof and Maresch each 5, Čić and Schwarzinger each 2, Fellner and Reisner 0

Scorers – Split: Johnson 25, Bozan 24, Bešlić 16, Ljubić and Ljuboš each 9, Grizelj 6, Bilić, Dominović, Pavić and Sokanović 0

VBO Maribor – ŽKK Medveščak Zagreb 69:45 (16:9, 24:12, 11:15, 18:9)

Referees: Smrekar, Oprčkal, Žlajpah

Attendance: 120

Scorers – Maribor: Tomšić 31, Steharnik 8, Hočevar and Vilfan each 7, Brečelj and Petrović each 4, Dautović, Setor, Stojko and Zeks each 2, Gracej and Leban 0

Scorers – Zagreb: Jakovljević 15, Soldo 6, Perić and Vunić each 5, Brkičić and Mamić each 4, Prčić and Rončević each 3, Medić, Perković and Striže 0

3rd place game:

ŽKK Medveščak Zagreb – UBI Graz 69:66 (16:12, 15:16, 21:20, 17:18)

Referees: Rebeušek, Pejić, Srdić

Attendance: 50

Scorers – Zagreb: Jakovljević 20, Strize 11, Mamić and Soldo each 10, Vunić 8, Rončević 7, Prčić 3, Brkičić and Perić 0

Scorers – Graz: Neumann 27, Bischof 10, Fastova 8, Maresch 7, Čić 6, Banks and Fellner each 3, Reisner 2, Schwarzinger 0

Post-game quotes:

Iva Borović Gregov, coach of Zagreb: „I want to congratulate the girls on winning the 3rd place game. We experienced an unexpected and heavy defeat by Maribor in the semifinals. We were without two players, but we managed to get together and beat a very good team, UBI Graz. The tournament was very interesting.“

Tanja Kuzmanović, coach of Graz: „It was a good 3rd place game. We fixed the mistakes from the semifinals. Medveščak has a very good team, our girls showed good energy. In the last seconds we had a chance to win. It was a good preparation for the continuation of the season, thanks to the organizers in Maribor.“



KAŽL Split – VBO Maribor 88:85 (27:24, 24:23, 18:14, 19:24)

Referees: Krajnć, Lapanović, Mušić

Attendance: 150

Scorers – Split: Johson 28, Božan 19, Bešlić 14, Ljubić 11, Grizelj 10, Ljuboš 6

Scorers – Maribor: Tomšić 25, Brečelj 14, Dautović 13, Steharnik 12, Zeks 8, Hočevar and Stojko each 5, Gračej 3, Leban, Petrović and Vifan 0

Post-game quotes:

Vjekoslav Lokica, coach of Split: „We are happy and it was a little bit surprising for us, because we didn’t came up with a full roster. In the finals there was a drama, but we won and we are happy. The tournament was great, it came seven days before the start of the second half of the Croatian championship, so we had a chance to play with teams from other countries and it was great.“

Alen Ploj, coach of Maribor: „We are very happy that we participated in this tournament. In the finals both teams deserved to win. Congratulations to Split, we are happy with our performance and we believe it will continue in our championship. We hope that next year we will have more international games. It’s good for women’s basketball.“

Photo: Milos Vujinovic/VBO Maribor