SLUNETA wins group D without a loss

SLUNETA wins group D without a loss

Sluneta Usti nad labem vs. UBSC Raiffeisen Graz
113:81 (34:23, 53:40, 84:63)

Referees: Hošek, Perlík, Výborný.
Audience: 310.

Scorers Sluneta Usti nad labem: Čampara 22, Pecka 19, Maděra 17, Bažant 14, David 12, Haiblík a Houška both 8, Brown 5, Svejcar 4, Fait and Karlovský both 2.

Scorers UBSC Raiffeisen Graz: Beard 32, Ledoux 22, Jamerson 13, Yovitsoski and Rasic both 5, Poscic 4.

Last game in Group D, where SLUNETA hosted UBSC Graz was a game of teams, who already knew their fate. SLUNETA knew already, she will end up first and Graz last in group D.

Guests came to the  game with 7 players and both teams decided to show some offensive performance and defence was no theme in this game. Players didn’t think about shooting at all – when they had the ball – they shot it.

The audince had to like the style both teams played, guests were playing with fun and no defence, home coach Pistecky had a change to give more minutes players, who usually don’t play and they wanted to show, they deserve more minutes in important games.

In the last quarter the game became an exhibition game, guests didn’t want even to rebound, so we could see sequences, where SLUNETA had more then 3 offensive rebounds in one offence.

With this win SLUNETA confirmed her domination in group D and can look forward to first play-off round, where she will meet Wiena.

Antonín Pištěcký, head coach of Sluneta: “Thanks for the congrats, it wasn’t easy for us before the game, because, we didn’t know what to expect from the opponent, but what is important I had a chance to give lot of minutes to young guys. We won the group without a defeat and now we can focus on important games in our league.”

Ervin Dragsic, head coach of Graz: “Congrats to Ústí, they showed, they are a better team, we still have some problems, because we don’t have enough big guys. It will sound funny but it was a good game, because for us is more important our league, where we fight for the play-offs and this we take as a very good practise and to see other organisation, how should the better teams look like.”

Jan Maděra , player of Sluneta: “The most important for us was not to underestimate the opponent. We won the group with 6 wins, bad news were, that we got some injured players.”

Zlatko Yovitsoski, player of Graz: “Congrats for the win, we didn’t come in complete roster, for us is important we stayed healthy.”