Skrljevo wins thriller in overtime

Skrljevo wins thriller in overtime

94:93 OT (16:18, 41:39, 63:61, 77:77)

Referee: Žagar, Golić, Pavelić.
Venue: Mavrinci Gym.
Attendance: 170.

ŠKRLJEVO: Barnjak 21, Boban 17, Pandurić 14, Gospić 11, Vrkić 10, Batur 9, Riewer 6, Kolić 3, Benković 2, Šekelja 1.
Miletić 29, Amineye 16, BavčićDanek each 10, Leydolf, Burgemeister each 7, Blažević 6, Bauer 5, Lanegger 3.

Adria Oil Škrljeva’s basketball players managed to narrowly beat the Austrian IMMOunited Dukes 94:93 after extra time, after spectators saw as many as 15 draws in the Mavrinci Hall. It was the 2nd round of Group A of the Alps Adria Cup and the Greens’ first win of the new season.

Although the hosts had a steady lead of two to three points in the first ten minutes, the first quarter went to the side of the team from the Vienna suburb of Klosteneuburg, finishing with 18:16 for the visitors. In the second quarter, the hosts tried to break away, but most of them peeled off to plus five 41:36 in the early twentieth minute to go on a big break with only plus two 41:39. In the first half Antonio Boban with 8 points and Ante Gospić with 7 points were the most efficient in the home team. The guests were held by Serbian Predrag Miletic, who scored 12 points, and US center Amineye Lakoju with 10 points.

The third period of the game ended with 22:22 with two five points advantage for the Greens. The last ten minutes are in the sign of the constant rule of Adria Oil Škrljevo, to equalize the visitors to 77:77 at the end of the second. The last attack of the hosts was led by Captain Josip Barnjak, who fired the siren but hit the hoop.

The extra five minutes were better opened by the home side, who also had a score of 88:82 in the 43 ‘, and in the last fifty-two seconds the guests with three Benedict Danek and two Valentin Bauer who stole the ball and scored a counter came up plus one 92:91 . 42 seconds before the end, Vrkić hits two and a minimal advantage, but is not precise in the extra throw. Guests via Danek, who hits one of two free throws, come to the fifteenth in the game with a score of 93:93. Seven seconds before the end, Barnjak hits one of two throws for the final score 94:93. Danek hit the basket with the siren, but the judges did not acknowledge it, so the home side celebrated with minimal victory.

The most efficient with Adria Oil Škrljevo was Barnjak with 21 points,9 rebound and 9 asist, Boban with 17points and 7 rebounds, while with Dukes Miletic stopped at 29, Amineye on 16 points.

Lakoju Amineye, player of Dukes: “This was a very fun game, I enjoyed playing it, both teams are good, and chances for win were 50% on each side. Congratulations to my teammates and Skrljevo players for win and good game.”

Damir Železnik (assistent coach Dukes): “Congratulations to skrljevo on win, this was good and fair game. As hosts and we have big games in our national leagues this weekend, I can tell that this was good intro for what is next. My players fought very well and we played very good game. For last shot, was it regular point or not I can’t tell, It was hard to see and tell, but as we got good game it really doesn’t matter now.”

Antonio Boban, player of Adria Oil Škrljevo: “Congratulations to Austrian team, this was good competition game. We are starting to look better, every day it looks better, so afther our few bad games I think that we are rising up. This is great for confidence and for our game on Sunday.”

Damir Rajković coach of Adria Oil Škrljevo: “Today we had easy entry in game, we had problems to adapt to oponnets defence, and you could see that we miss confidence. We were in hurry, we took to many fast shots, but in second part of game it was better. We have missed 13 free throws, at the last minute we missed 3 of them and gave oportunity to lose the game. This win is important to us becouse of confidence, we need wins and when we start to win in a row we will be much better. Dukes are very good team with very good players, and we see why they are first in Austrian league, so I wish them all the best in their national competition.”