Škrljevo managed to get past Prievidza

Škrljevo managed to get past Prievidza

KK Adra Oil Škrljevo – BC Prievidza 83:70 (26:18, 19:17, 18:16, 20:19)

Referees: Kranjc, Rener, Oprčkal (all Slovenia)

Audience: 150

Venue: Dvorana SRC Mavrinci

Scorers – Škrljevo: Barnjak 16, Adway 14, Bešić and Rajčić each 9, Jelenković, Stojanović and Vrgoš each 8, Šajin 6, Hortman 5, Čošić and Kostić 0

Scorers – Prievidza: Kincel 14, Creammer 12, Daunys 11, Jašš 10, Matuška 9, Oshita 7, Majerčák 4, Lukáč 3, Magdolen 0

After the initial lead of the hosts 2:0 and 4:2, the guests from Slovakia took the lead, and after a three-pointer by Maxim Matuška, they took the lead 4:5. Prievidza’s advantage was until the 6th minute, and the result was 11:9, because Tyler Creammer, with six points, carried the game for the Slovaks. Adria Oil Škrljevo then wakes up, and on the wings of Igor Stojanović, Teylor Adway, and captain Josip Barnjak, who each scored 6 points, went to plus-eight 21:13 in the ninth minute. On a short break, the Greens’ advantage was 26:18.

Coach Damir Rajković’s players deployed in the second quarter to score points, so the advantage of the Greens in the 16th minute grew to plus 15 with the result 38:23. The recovered Stefan Šajin, who scored five points in five minutes, also entered the game for the first time after injury. However, the guests from Slovakia did not give up, so after Samuel Kincel scored four points in a row, they were five points behind 40:35 in the last minute, but stopped there, so the host has a 45:35 advantage on the big break.

In the third quarter, the host constantly maintains the advantage, and at the beginning of the 29th minute, they gained the biggest advantage in the game of plus 16, and Adria Oil Škrljevo took the mini-break with a 63:51 advantage.

In the last ten minutes, the Greens continue with a good game, so 3 minutes before the end have a plus of nineteen 80:61. Prievidza does not give up, so Kincel with two doubles and one three-pointer reduces to the final 83:70.

Post-game quotes:

Damir Rajković, coach of Škrljevo: “We wanted to solve this game fast, and we did it. This was a good game, good opponent, but as they played 2 games away in three days they were not fresh, and we play aggressive defense. Congratulations to my boys and Prievidza and I wish them a good start in their league.”

Mario Rajčić, player of Škrljevo: “We expected a game like this, and after the win against Zadar in the domestic league we wanted to stay on the winning line. For this game we got two more players from injury, so it was easier.”

Maroš Helmecy, coach of Prievidza: “This is a strong rival, and we tried to fight, but we made lots of mistakes, which cost us at the start of the game. We have to learn from this game, and everything will be OK. Congratulations to Škrljevo.”

Marek Jašš, player of Prievidza: “Tough game, we tried to play 40minutes, but we played maybe 30 minutes. We had lots of mistakes, actually too many. Škrljevo played aggressive and stronger game. We will learn something from this game and be better in the home championship.”