Skrljevo completes finals

Skrljevo completes finals

Skrljevo follows Egis Körmend to the Alpe Adria Cup finals. The Croatian newcomer flipped the script against BK Patrioti Levice by winning 94:84 at home.

BC Adriaoil Skrljevo vs. BK Patrioti Levice
94:84 (23:21, 46:37, 73:58)

Referees: Terlevic, Susan, Miletic (all CRO).
Audience: 500.
Venue: Sport hall Mavrinci (CRO).

Scorers KK Skrljevo: Sarac 12, Yacoubou 9, Stemberger, Usic 12, Lebo, Barnjak 24, Uljarevic 13, Kucan, Cvitkovic, Williams 10, Krstanovic 10.
Scorers BK Patrioti Levice: Davis 4, Bachan 13, Krajcovic , Benjamin 18, Bojanovskiy 9, Gacesa 6, Jeftiic, Ziak, Adamik, Pita 20, Council 11.

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Winning in the high end of the semi-finals of the Alpe Adria Cupa semi-finals of Levy Patriots 94:84, basketball players Adria Oil Škrljeva came to the final of this competition.

From the very beginning, the host begins to hunt minus 6 points from Slovakia. The first minute has a 4: 0 advantage, after Ušić and Kučan scored. At 4 ‘it was already 11: 4, so that a minute later Adria Oil Skrljevo had the biggest advantage of plus nine 13: 4. The guests are not surrendering, yet through the center of Boris Bojanovsky who has achieved 7 points of return, so the mini-break is going to score 23:21 for Green.

The second quarter is better opened by the Patriots who first equalize at 11 ‘at 23:23, and then a minute later they come to the lead 26:24. Adria Oil is then awake, and the host turns the result. At fourteen minutes, there is already a plus of 32: 27,and in 18’ the host came to the desired transfer of the plus eight 41:33. On the big vacation they went to the forefront of Green 46:37. In the first part of the most effective in the domestic composition were Karlo Uljarević with 8 and Stipe Krstanovic with 7 points, while Martin Bachan scored 9 points.

The second half, more precisely, the third quarter was marked by Captain Adria Oil, joung Josip Barnjak, who began to fill the guest basket and the host in 24 ‘left for the 13 advantage 56:43. At the end of third quarter with some threes from Šarac and Yacoubou it is 73:58, plus fifteen for Adria Oil Skrljevo.

When Škrljevo lead in fourth with points from Williams and Barnjak 81:61, no one believed that the guest would return, as Patriot coach Teo Hojč sat on the bench. However in 37’ Patriot Levice came to 84: 76. It was good part from Pita and Benjamin, while Gaćeša made some offensive rebounds. There was a real drama because the host always had eight to eleven points of advantage. In the last minute, there was a real finals, but guests missed some free throws and offensive rebounds, while Ušić dunked for the final 94:84. In great atmosphere the celebration could start, fans were chearing and singing to the first ever Croatian team who came so far!

Captain Josip Barnjak was the most efficient with 24 points, while Uljarević added 13 (both of them are 1998 year of birth!), David Ušić 12. Dino Pita scored 20, while Dwwayne Benjamin scored 18 points.

In the final, Adria Oil Škrljevo plays against the Hungarian Kormenda in two games.

Josip Barnjak, player of Škrljevo: “After good game in Slovakia, we wanted to play even better here, I didnt play there becouse of injury, and we started good, afther first half we knew we can beat them. We where in good rytham, menage to get 21 points plus, but then we had like 6,7 minutes of bad period. Levice are good team and they took that chance, but at the end we played good and took that win. Congratulations to my teamattes who gave their best.”

Teo Hojč, coach Levice: “Congratulations, I have big respect for how Škrljevo play, I like that way of playing, agressivly in defense, hard and strong. I think that we lost our chance in Levice where Škrljevo was without Barnjak and Yacoubou, and we saw tonight how Barnjak is important to Škrljevo. Congratulations, Škrljevo to finals. We played finals last year, this year we are in semifinals, this is good league, every year better, we love to play it, but we have too much games in schedule, so teams who have only one game per week in national league have more time to rest and prepare.”

Damir Rajković Coach of Škrljevo: “Thank you for congratulationst to Teo, specialy for those for good defense. That is part what we wanted to play good, but we started to play agressive defense from New year. Than we got Uljarević who gave us diversity in offense. We had good result, but then we had few selfish attacks, we lost our game, and Levice came back. Good for us they missed some freethrows and gave us some air. Good defense gave us victory, and in next games we have to keep it and not to give opponent easy points.”

Dino Pitta, player of Levice: “Škrljevo had better intensity, we started to late to play agressive and hard, by that time Škrljevo had big advantage. We needed better defense, from there we could score easy points, that is what was missing. Congratulations to Škrljevo.”