Šibenka stunned Vienna at their home court

Šibenka stunned Vienna at their home court

BC GGMT Vienna – GKK Šibenka 68:69 (14:13, 17:17, 17:20, 20:19)

Referees: Ženiš, Margala, Bara

Attendance: 100

Venue: Hallmann Dome Wien

Scorers – Vienna: Vujosevic 16, Rados and Širišević each 12, Savić 11, Manigat 8, Thomas 5, Mateo 4, Murati, Zdravkovic, Valentic and Barisic 0

Scorers – Šibenka: Paić 14, Lawrence 11, Klarin 9, Škorić 8, Bročić 7, Gulin and Howard each 6, Pleadin and Jambrović each 4, Antić and Šarić 0

Šibenka started with a very aggressive defensive play into the game. Vienna struggled to find a way to the basket. With only two points on the scoreboard after 3 minutes played, coach Naglić called his team in for the first time out. Afterwards, Vienna found a way to get some open shots and won the first quarter by one point (14:13). The game continued at a very high speed on both sides. Šibenka‘s strong rebound presence brought them many second chances on their side of the basket. On the other side missed Vienna many chances to score. Both coaches called their teams in for time outs – the result: both teams scored after each other and no one was able to constantly hold the lead. The first half ended plus 1 for Vienna.

Two-far-3-pointer from Škorić and Lawrence opened the game after the break. Both teams kept their speed in the offensive play and also their aggressive defense. A lucky buzzer beater scored by Gulin brought Šibenka a plus 2 lead by the end of the third quarter (48:50). The game continued the same way. A committed unsportsmanlike foul of Mateo after a successful scored basket of Šibenka lead to a 5 points lead for Šibenka for the first time since the first quarter. Vienna fought hard to come back closer – 2 minutes left in the game with a plus 1 lead for Šibenka. In the end, it was a missed layup from Vienna – Šibenka won 69:68.

Post-game quotes:

Aramis Naglić, coach of Vienna: “Congratulation to Šibenka for the great game. I think we weren’t ready for the game. We came into the game one more time absolutely out of concentration. We came back, but without being strong enough on offense or defense. Now it’s a really serious time to talk seriously about this game.”

Hrvoje Radanović, assistant coach of Vienna: “For sure one embarrassing performance of our team. Simply, there is no alibi to perform like this both in offense and defense. We really need to sit down and talk about how we are gonna handle things for the further period.”

Damir Milačić, coach of Šibenka: “For us it is a very important victory because we have a very young team and when we played in Šibenka, they destroyed us. That was our key of motivation – I told my players, „let’s play well this game“ and „let’s see what’s gonna happen if we play smart“. Today we were smart and played with a lot of courage so I congratulate my guys, we won against an extremely strong team and I am very happy with that.”

Patrik Jambrović, player of Šibenka: “It was a tough game to play, especially away against a team that is one of the best in this competition. We came in relaxed, but to win. We played hard and in the end it came down to a 1-point win.”