Šibenik didn´t surrender the playoff spot to the opponent

Šibenik didn´t surrender the playoff spot to the opponent

Raiffeisen Flyers Wels – GKK Šibenka 79:83 (29:17, 9:23, 21:18, 20:25)

Referees: Lukas Kapana, Matej Zaruba, Robin Petrak (all Czech Republic)

Attendance: 200

Venue: Raiffeisen Arena Wels

Scorers – Wels: Birts 19, Orf 14, Lull 12, von Fintel, Inoa Gil and Jakupovic each 6, Delaney and Kovacevic both 5, Razdevsek 4, Waser 2

Scorers – Šibenka: Paić 20, Bašić 16, Arslanagić 14, Pleadin and Solomun both 9, Kujundžić 8, Jambrović 5, Antić 2

In the first quarter Wels started with good play-action. They controlled the game from the very first minutes. They put up the momentum and played good team basketball. In the 4th minute the lead was 9:8, but then Kovacevic hit a three-pointer. Birts with five points in a row und Orf, with a three-pointer, brought the game to 20:8 after six minutes. But then the Croatian side got back in the game. But they were trailing 17:29 after the first quarter. In the second quarter Šibenka showed a controlled basketball. They put up speed in the offense and took the right shots. Wels could only react. The lead was cut. Basic hit a three-pointer in the 14. minute to tie the game – 30:30. Šibenka started with a 13:1 run in the second quarter. At this stage the ball started again. Both teams tried to get into a rhythm. But both defensive sides had good solutions, 38:40 at halftime.

Delaney and Razdevsek started the third quarter, Wels was back in the game, the lead changed several times. Jakupović tied the game with a three-pointer to level the game – 47:47. Orf with four points in a row, and Wels was leading by four. But in the third quarter basic found his touch from the three-point spot. With two shots, he brought Šibenka back into the game. Wels was leading by one point after the third quarter – 59:58. In the fourth quarter, both teams put more energy into the defense. Šibenka played very solid, they took 20 shots less than the Wels side, but they took the right shots and had good ball handling. So it was not easy for Wels to speed up the game. Both teams moved at exactly the same rate simultaneously until 28 seconds before the end of the game. Arslanagić hit a three-pointer and this three-point lead was the decision of the game. Wels tried with stop the clock fouls to bring back the game on their side. But Šibenka made no mistakes und won the game.

Post-game quotes:

Sebastian Waser, coach of Wels: “Congratulations to Sibenka. After the first quarter they played very solid, like in the first game. It is very impressive how they play basketball. They are very efficient. They took 20 throws less than us. But they hit the shots.

Christian von Fintel, player of Wels: “Some players got more minutes. In the end, we tried to win the game. It was good to have the fans back in the Raiffeisen arena. Sibenka took the opportunity to win the game with their impressive selections of throws. Congratulatiuons.”

Damir Milačić, coach Šibenka: “We have been a little bit tired in the first quarter. We changed some things in the defense after the first quarter. The team got good confidence for the rest of the game. We believed that we could win the game.”

Domagoj Bašić, player of Šibenka: “It was not an easy game for us. Three important players could not go with us. But we had a good game and made the important shots.”