Sensational comeback lifts Gmunden into semifinals

Sensational comeback lifts Gmunden into semifinals

Swans Gmunden vs. Adria Oil Skrljevo
101:78 (31:19, 51:42, 82:64)

Referees: Kadkhodaei, Trmal, Splajt.
Attendance: 400.
Venue: Volksbank Arena, Gmunden.

Scorer Gmunden: Friedrich 22, Murati 20, Loveridge 16, Barton 14, Blazan 10, Güttl, Ogunyemi each 8, Schartmüller 3.
Scorer Skrljevo: Slavica 24, Vrkic 13, Mandic 12, Batur 11, Boban 10,  Robertson 6, Vucic 2.

Good start for the swans in this game who had to overcome a 14-point deficit from the first game. They lead with 18:8 after six minutes in the first quarter because they worked better in defense and especially under the basket than in the last matchup. However, Skrljevo had an advantage on the center position but they had problems to get the ball to their big men. Gmunden kept shooting the ball from the 3-point line and had success. That is why they extended their lead to 31:19 after ten minutes.

Skrljevo seemed overwhelmed defensively. The Swans started attacking the basket and drawed four fouls in the first three minutes. On the offensive end however, the guests from Croatia started to find their rhythm and could come a little closer with a score of 47:39 after eight minutes in the second quarter. The swans seemed a bit unconcentrated and made to many easy turnovers plus their scoring was not as good as in the first quarter. That’s why Skrljevo was back in the game after the first half that ended with 51:42.

Gmunden had the better start to second half. They started to get the three pointers into the basket again. The one thing that kept Skrljevo in the game was the rebound. After five minutes in the third quarter the two games were tied again with a score of 66:52. Gmunden the started to control the game. With the sub of Ogunyemi they could put up some resistance in the paint. Offensively they found their rhythm from the first quarter again and could gain a lead of 82:64 after thirty minutes.

This quarter final was far from over because the deficit in the series were only four points. Skrljevo could tie it again quickly with a score 83:69 with over seven minutes to play. But the swans still were the dominant team and did not allow the guests from Croatia to come close. On the contrary they answered with a 13:4 run and were in the lead with comfortable 23 points. Especially Murati caught fire from downtown. Skrljevo could not get back from this deficit because Gmunden simply scored too well. With a final score of 101:78 the Gmunden Swans move on to the Semi finals of the Alpe Adria Cup.