Sencur ends their season with victory

Sencur ends their season with victory

BC Hallmann Vienna vs. KK Sencur GGD
99:102 (29:26, 46:46, 69:74)

Referees: Slivic, Salomon, Kricheli (all AUT).
Audience: 20.
Venue: Hallmann Dome, Vienna (AUT).

Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Haughton 28, Trmal F. 25, Gvozden 17, Radakovics 10, Trmal M. 7, Koka 5, Trbovic 4, Zadeh 3.
Scorers KK Sencur GGD: Martincic 27, Popadic 19, Rizvic 18, Markovic 17, Novak 15, Zadnik 6.


In the beginning of the game both teams show quick shots. People saw a close game in which the team from vienna could take the lead with 3 points.

In the second qarter the game stays close and both teams try to show fast basketball. The team from Sencur shows good shooting percentage from downtown and keeps with these shoots the game open.

The second half shows the same kind of game. Both teams try to play fast and try to show good plays to the audience. David Haughton finished one action with a great dunk.

In the 4. quarter KK Sencur comes up much stronger and tooks the lead for the first time in the game to more than 10 points. The team from coach Gresta fights back and tries everything to close up. In the end the team of Sencur wins the game and BC Hallmann Vienna finishes the torunament without win.

Mustafa Zadeh, player of Vienna: “Bad defense, we let them make to many points. The scored 7/7 3 pointers in the first quarter, that was tough for us.”

Martin Trmal, player of Vienna: “They had the better shooting day.”

Ramo Rizvic, player of Sencur: “We scored very well, especially in the first quarter, we made all our 3 pointers.”

Konstantin Subotic, head coach of Sencur: “In the end we made the improtant shots.”