Rogaska said goodbye to the competition with a win over Spišskí Rytieri

Rogaska said goodbye to the competition with a win over Spišskí Rytieri

Spišskí Rytieri – KK Rogaška 81:93 (27:17, 19:33, 20:23, 15:20)

Referees: Mordal, Wawrzynski, Skorek (all Poland)

Attendance: 500

Venue: Mestská Športová Hala Spišská Nová Ves

Scorers – Rytieri: Granič 17, Makula 14, Washington 13, McGlynn 11, Sokolovskyj 9, Fusek 8, Antoni 5, Mrviš and Juríček each 2, Stančák 0

Scorers – Rogaška: Jean-Baptiste 20, Riley 17, Tabak 13, Kraljević 12, Durnik and Kavkler each 9, Sivka 6, Miličević 4, Špan 3, Branković 0

Everything was clear already before the game, so home coaches decided to give the chance to the young players. Their performance was not bad, but the Rogaška had higher quality and they deserved the victory.

Post-game quotes: 

Erich Korfanta, assistant coach of Rytieri: „We are happy that we finished this game without any injuries. Before the game was already everything clear in our group, so we had to chance to give a lot of space to our young players. They can fell, how is to play against the real men in the Europe. I think they faced them well, of course, they made mistakes, but only in these kind of matches they learn how to play on this level of basketball.”

Matúš Makula, player of Rytieri: „I am glad that we young players, we got so much space on the court because that give us a lot.. It s a big difference to play U19 category or this European basketball, it’s a big basketball school for us..I hope we did not disappoint the coaches and even if we lost the game we gave 100% on the court.“

Peter Markovinović, coach of Rogaška: „At first, I want to congratule to Spišskí Rytieri to reaching the next round of AAC and to coach Teo Hojć. He makes a good job in Slovakia. We could see that home coaches gave a lot of space the young players and that they feel this game as a friendly match, but we could expect this. I cross my fingers to Spišskí Rytieri in the next round.“