Praha surprised in first Quarterfinal

Praha surprised in first Quarterfinal

USK Praha made the first step torwards Semifinals. The young Czech team overcame favourites from Körmend 95:87 in the first Quarterfinal.

USK Praha vs. Egis Körmend
95:87 (18:30, 36:45, 65:63)

Referees: Petr Blahout, Jan Jeřáb, Tomáš Linhart (all CZE)
Audience: 198.
Venue: Sportovní hala Folimanka, Prague (CZE).

Scorers USK Praha: Appleby 23, Bohm 18, Stevanovic 14, Vukosavljevic 13, Sehnal 10, Mareš 8, Tůma 7, Křivánek 2.
Scorers Egis Körmend: Hammonds 20, Price 16, Bradford 12, Delas 10, Csorvasi 10, Ferencz 8, Thames 7, Balogh 2, Nemeth 2.

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It was game with two difference halfs. Egis took easy lead 10:2 at the beginning of a game becouse of USK Praha turnovers. Owls woke up after time-out and tied the score but Egis turn on the engine again. After first 10 minutes was score 18:30 and 10 points scored Hammonds. Home team returned to the game at the beggining of second period by few long distance shoots, but the main problem persisted – poor defense. The Hungarian team continued the good percent shooting and managed half time lead 45:36.

But the game was not over. Home team won third quater 29:18 and fans were happy that there is still a chance for dramatic end. Five minutes to the end of a game and score was 77:71. Nice basketball on a court and better home defense that moment. The owls also won the last quarter by 5 points and that means that they have +8 point for revenge in Kormend.

Great game had tonight David Bohm. This U19 forward scored 18 points. He is also MVP of a game.

Dino Repeša, head coach of Praha: “For shure our best game of a season. We entered with too much respect and that is why they got a big confidence from our turnovers and they made 30 points in first quater. Than we encreased our defense. We control defensive rebound and we managed to hit some open shoots. That change the game.”

David Bohm, player of Praha: “We know that it will be hard opponent. I was definetely chalange for me personaly to play at this level. At the start we look like we are a little bit afraid. But than we made few shoots and stops and we got to the game and we started to feel comfortable.”

Matthias Zollner, head coach of Körmend: “They shoot very well from 3 point range. They score 45 points from 3 point shoots. This is an outstanding perfomance. We are not satisfied the way how we played. I think we can play much better but again, congratulation to home team.”

Akos Nemeth, player of Körmend: “We played good at first half but at second we gave them to many space and let them run to the fastbreak. We will win the home game.”