Pardubice won a close one against Wels

Pardubice won a close one against Wels

BK JIP Pardubice – BC Raiffeisen Flyers Wels 79:76 (16:17, 23:17, 24:23, 16:19)

Referees: Robert Mordal, Michal Kuzia, Bogna Podkowinska (all POL)

Audience: 823

Venue: Enteria arena, Pardubice

Scorers – Pardubice: Pekárek 16, Henry 15, Potoček 12, Walton 12, Vyoral 11, Švrdlík 8, Tkadlec 2, Janů 2, Burda 1

Scorers – Wels: Delaney 23, Von Fintel 18, Lamesic 12, Razdevsek 10, Andjelkovic 6, Lull 4,  G. Tepic 3

The game was very even the whole time, neither of both teams led by more than 10 points. Wels gained a lot of thanks to their supremacy in offensive rebounding (18, 21 points scored from second chances). Pardubice, on the other hand, helped themselves with better 3-points- shooting. This was also the case in crucial moments: at the end of the 4th quarter, Josef Potoček made two 3 points shots and helped with the lead  his team  by 10 points. The guest team fought till the end, however, they had time only for correction of the ending result. The home team was better at transition phase (20 – 8 points from fast breaks), as well as delivering points by bench players (23 – 7 points).

Post-game quotes:

Dino Repeša, coach of Pardubice: “It was a hard game. It was a shame, that we had troubles with the energy and also offensive rebound from Wels in the beginning. Wels had 11 offensive rebounds in the first half, which is just a lot. Unfortunately, Matěj Burda hurt his ankle in the end and we did not have a big rotation, so we had to play with 5 – 6 guys. But that is just how it is, we have to come back, analyze things and prepare for our league game at Saturday.”

Josef Potoček, player of Pardubice: “What can I say, it was not a good game, but we won. That is what’s important. Our biggest problem was rebounds, luckily we shot a few baskets and that is what kept us in the lead. But players from Wels were not the tallest and still had a lot of offensive rebounds, which is really the problem. We need to work on this in our next games.”

Sebastian Waser, coach of Wels: “Congratulations to Pardubice and to coach Repeša, they really did an amazing job at keeping us behind for almost the whole game. We knew that it would be a hard game for us, but I am proud of my team, that even though we came here after a really long bus ride, the fought. We did a really good job at matching the physicality, which is really not normal for our league, a step forward for us. We were prepared and maybe we have a shot at the other games at AAC.”

Cameron Delaney, player of Wels: “I think it was a great game. Both teams battled till the end and I love how my team fought. Our team made mistakes, that the other team actually counted on, and that came to bite us in the end. But it was the first game of the season for us, I am proud of my team and I can definetely see us elevate and grow from this game.”