Pardubice wins easy at home

Pardubice wins easy at home

BK JIP Pardubice vs. BK Dukes Klosterneuburg
87:66 (24:18, 19:19, 23:15, 21:14)

Referees: Petr Hruša, Roman Kejklíček, Michal Šafařík (all CZE)
Audience: 1680.
Venue: enteria arena Pardubice.

Scorers: Švrdlík 21, Vyoral 18, Škranc 14, Půlpán 13, Pavlovič 12, Slanina 5, Nečas 2, Potoček 2
Scorers: Hopfgartner 15, Lakoju 11, Blaževič 10, Miletič 8, Burgeimeister 8, Bauer 6, Lanegger 4, Leydolf 4

The Austrian team led only for one minute through the whole game, right in the beginning. Through the next course of the game were Pardubice always few points ahead, although until the third quarter they were not able to gain a double-digit lead. Crucial segment came at the end of third quarter and in the beginning of fourth quarter, where the home team gained a lead of 19 points, which they kept tll the end. Essential difference between both teams was in rebounding: winners got 47 rebounds, losers only 26.

Ken Scalabroni (coach of home team): “Of course I am glad we won. There is no question we had problems in the game, especially when they played small, we had problems defencively. We didn´t  play with any real good rhythm on offense, but we did enough to win and that is what counts. I think we are little bit already to Friday in our thoughts, which is never good, but the players won the game so we will accept it and now we just have to get ready for the next game. According t numbers and  my opinion the MVP is Kamil Švrdlík.”

Werner Salomon (coach of guest team): “We were a little bit unlucky.  We missed a couple of players, they are hurt and sick, so we only had eight players and against a strong team like Pardubice it is very hard. But I think we did a good job and in the end it was okay. Pardubice were a big favourite in this game an everything is more or less okay. We could be a little bit closer, because we were playing well, but in the end the win is okay.

Kamil Švrdlík (player of the game): “In the end I think it went well, although we thought it will be easier. They had only eight players, so they had nothing to loose and the game was not as good as it could have been if the whole team was here. The game was also atypical because of the fact, that they did not have many tall players, so they played small, which was sometimes a problem for us. But I think it was a good win. We are playing in two days, so today’s win is important and now we have to be ready for Děčín.”