Pardubice punched the last ticket to play-off

Pardubice punched the last ticket to play-off

Raiffeisen Flyers Wels – BK Pardubice 50:79 (15:22, 11:13, 11:28, 13:16)

Referees: Peter Gacík, Jakub Izák, Artjoms Ribakovs (all Slovakia)

Attendance: 250

Venue: Raiffeisen Arena Wels

Scorers – Wels: Birts 17, Lamešić 11, Razdevsek and von Fintel each 5, Gatterbauer 3, Bartl, Delaney, Jakupobic and G. Tepice each 2, Waser 1.

Scorers – Pardubice: Vranković 19, Walton 17, Vyoral 11, Potoček 9, Svoboda 8, Švdrlík 6, Henry 5, Kalný and Tkadlec, Kalny each 2

The home Team started well in the game. With immense team play they created open shots. Tylan Birts scored six points in a row, after five minutes it was 10:6. But after that period, Pardubice put up pressure on the defensive side. The rest of the game there were no easy shots for Wels. The new player in Pardubice, Antonio Vranković, showed his skills under the basket. He scored 13 points in the first half. With a 7:0 run in the first quarter, Pardubice took the lead. Tylan Birts was the player on Wels side, who was able to score in the second quarter. Seven points in the row and Wels cut the lead of Pardubice down to 2 – 24:26. But the team play of the Czechs was to good in that game. They pushed up the tempo on offense. 26:35 ended the first half.

11 points in the third quarter on the Welser statistic-sheet, that says more or less all about the offensive effort of the home team in that period. They did not make the shots and Pardubice was on fire. Tomáš Vyoral had five assists in that quarter. The offense was the problem in the fourth quarter, again for Wels. They missed six free throws in a row. Pardubice played strong, solid and with a tempo. The 21st try for a three-pointer was successful for Wels. Jan Razdevsek hit it in the basket at 38. minute. At the end it was a 50:79 loss for Wels.

Post-game quotes: 

Sebastian Waser, coach of Wels: “We did not execute well for too long . Pardubice took advantage of this. They held us to 50 points. We had six losses in the Alpe Adria Cup. But it was a great opportunity for our players to compete with international teams. We learned a lot from this game. Good look to Pardubice for the next round.”

Christian von Fintel, player of Wels:  “We had too many turnovers. We also miss too many shots. Congratulations to Pardubice.”
Dino Repeša, coach of Pardubice: “Wels went out pretty hard in the first five minutes. Then we got the game under control. We held them to 50 points, that was the key factor for success.”
Antonio Vranković, player of Pardubice: “It was a good win for us. We played as a team and controlled the game.”