Pardubice is through to the quarterfinals

Pardubice is through to the quarterfinals

BK JIP Pardubice vs. Adria Oil Škrljevo
88:67 (21:21, 19:18, 29:13, 19:15)

Referees: Jan Baloun, Lukáš Hartig, Dominik Výborný (all CZE).
Audience: 873.
Venue: Sportovní hala Dašická Pardubice.

Scorers Pardubice: Vyoral 26, Pavlovič 20, Kohout 14, Švrdlík 8, Potoček 8, Slanina 6, Půlpán 4, Nečas 2.
Scorers Skrljevo: Robertson 24, Riewer 13, Gospič 11, Pandurič 9, Batur 6, Vučič 2, Bjelanovič 2.

In even first half, neither of the teams led significantly: home players led the most by 3 points, guests by 6 points. Škrljevo was often using their new center Arkim Robertson, who was applying his physical superiority under the basket and scored 13 points in the first half. The key moment was third quarter. Pardubice stopped their turnovers ( 8 losses in the first half, 1 in the third quarter), quickened their transition phase (the ratio of points from fast breaks 13 – 0), thanks to many easy points dominated this part of game by 16 points and the last quarter had under control. Thanks to the convincing win the home team is  distinctly brought near to the progress to the next phase of Alpe Adria Cup.

Ken Scalabroni, head coach Pardubice: “Always nice to win. It was good to finally play again after 10 days of not playing. I think everybody saw, that in the first half we were a bit rusty and didn’t play with a very good rhythm, but it was good enough to win the first half. I think in the third quarter we played a bit better on both sides of the floor and we did enough to win tonight so that’s good and I am satisfied about how we played tonight. It is good we won, because it is one of our goals to get to the next round. But to do that we have to win at least one other game, so every win is important. You don’t want to loose at home, that’s for sure. I think we were more focused than our last cup game. I think what really helped us tonight, was that the players were just tired of practicing. We had almost two weeks without a game. They were just sick of hearing me or Adam, they wanted to play. I think their attitude was the best thing about tonight.”

Damir Rajkovič, head coach Skrljevo: “First of all, congratulations. Well, the better team has won. We played very good in the first half, but not in the second half. We did not have many players. We also have very young players on the bench and we were here without two very important players so the second half just was not good enough.”

Ozren Pavlovič, player of the game: “I am just happy we found the strenght to win after ten days break. We started of a bit rusty, i think it was because we did not have any games in our legs. In the first half the croatian team did a pretty solid job, they were tough under the basket. After that we did some adjustments and we stick to the game plan and came out with a big win for us. Playing against my own is nothing new for me, but it is nice to play with someone from your country for sure. The advantage for me is that I know these players personally, I used to play against them, so I know what they’re able to do. I did not need scouting for this game, it was easier for me to play tonight. And of course I understand what they are saying, so sometimes I know what they’re gonna do. We have to have the energy for the next game, which is a big one for us. Hopefully we can play well and give a good performance for our fans.”