Pardubice escapes with victory

Pardubice escapes with victory

GTK Gliwice vs. BK JIP Pardubice
72:80 (26:20, 42:32, 53:56)

Referees: Robert Mordal, Michal Kuzia, Bogna Podkowinska.
Audience: 300.
Venue: Cultural and Sports Center Labedz.

Scorers GTK Gliwice: Tabb 15, Henson 12, Furstinger 8, Mijovic 7, Slupinski 7, Diduszko 6, Szlachetka 6, Radwanski 5, Mondy 4, Halas 2.

Scorers BK JIP Pardubice: Vyoral 23, Pavlovic 15, Kohout 9, Pulpan 9, Svrdlik 9, Slanina 8, Necas 2,  Skranc 2, Potocek 3, Svoboda.

Beginning of the game between two teams without defeat in group A was really equal. None ot the team can gain advantage bigger than few points. GTK base on the speed of Brandon Tabb. American shooting guard without problem lose his marking and gain points in easy way. On the other side of the floor the key player was Kamil Svrdlik. Center from Pardubice use his strength and gain advantage under the rim. He performed few actions when he score and add extra points from the free throw line.

Home team started build his advantage when Dawid Slupinski came into the game. GTK’s power forward was really qiuck and get some extra offensive rebounds which allow to get some easy points. When Kacper Radwański decide to drive into paint and get three points (one extra from free throw line team from Gliwice lead by 14 points (40:26). In the last two minutes of this quarter guests reduce their lost to ten points.

After halftime BK JIP started rapidly to reduce advantage of opponent. Ozren Pavlovic hit two times from distance, Prokop Slanina was very effective in the paint and guests took lead (47:48). It was right moment for GTK to woke up and started play like in the first half. Joe Furstinger scored behind the arc but the last word in this quarter belong to the Pardubice. Tomas Vyoral scored in the last second of this quarter (53:56).

The national player of Czech Republic was also a hero in the final part of the game. From result 64:62 he scored 13 points for his team and it was the main key to won this game. GTK tried to avoid first lost in this competition but from result 70:68 scored only two points loosing 12.  Anyone from Gliwice can’t stop Vyoral who showed great performance.

Stanislaw Mazanek, assistant coach of Gliwice: „There was a lack of concentration in last minutes that’s why we lost again in similar conditions. Team need to understand that every game is really important. Pardubice was better in this areas in which we should have advantage. They were better in rebounds and fast breaks.“

Kacper Radwanski, player of Gliwice:  „Pardubice played smarter than we. They had a leader who can scored and gave them won in final moments . We need to find someone in our team who can make difference in money time. It’s not necessary to had one player, in every game it could be different player, but someone it must be if we would like to achieve win.“

Kenneth Scalabroni, head coach of Pardubice: „We are very happy that we win the game. We can saw two different halfs. In first we had 14 turnovers which was converted in 17 easy points. In second one that was exact opposited what allows us to turnback to the game. In the fourth quarter we were just two plays better.“

Tomas Vyoral, player of Pardubice: „At the beginning we were slappy. We played poor defense. In the locker room we sad some hard words and after halftime we played much better. We spent some hours in the bus so we need time to achieve our normal performance. I like shooting so that’s why I decide to do it.“