Overtime loss enough for Vienna

Overtime loss enough for Vienna

Sluneta Usti nad labem vs. BC Hallmann Vienna
91:90 OT (26:19, 44:39, 66:59; 86:79)

Referees: Blahout, Hartig, Výborný
Audience: 370

Scorers Sluneta Usti nad labem: Rodgers and Čampara both 21, Brown 12, Pecka 10, Fait 8, Šotnar 6, Svejcar 4, Maděra, Bažant and Karlovský all 3.
Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Detrick 30, Radakovics 21, Samac 19, Gvozden and Shoutvin 8, Zadeh 3, Trmal 1.

With the deficit of 7 points and missing the captain had SLUNETA to stand up against Vienna in the second quarterfinal of Alpe Adria Cup.

The beginning of the game was again, like in Vienna, without defence. Both teams scored a lot, but SLUNETA had better defence, so at halftime she lead by 5 points. Home team continued with good defence and even better offence in the beginning of second half and was ahead 58:47.

Guests knew, they can lose by 6 points and still go on to the semifinals, so they kept fighting and with lot of preasure in defence and good shooting in second half, they came back to the game. With 23 seconds left in the game, SLUNETA was ahead only by 4 points, but Šotnar was able to score a three and brought the game to overtime.

In Overtime the home team was able to score only 5 points and that wasn´t enough, guests were shooting with good procentage and although SLUNETA won by 1 in overtime, the one who was lucky after the game were the guests.

Antonín Pištěcký, head coach of Sluneta: “Congrats to Vienna, who deserved to win. They played the whole game with 7 players, I really admire how they do it. They were simply better. What didn´t help us was the shooting percentage, we missed o lot of open shots. We had a plan, we won´t let them score inside the pain and we became 40 point from there, what more shall I say.”

Luigi Gresta, head coach of Vienna: “I am very proud of my players, we made it to the best 4 teams over a very strong opponent, who played a big game in their home league.”

Josh Brown, player of Sluneta: “Congrats to Vienna, they came out, they played hard. We made a game plan and the execution wasn´t good and defensively both team fought hard, but the better team won today, so congrats.”

Jason Detrick, player of Vienna: “It was a tough game, both teams wanted to make it to the next round. We could lose the game, we made a lot of mistakes, but the opponent didn´t go for the lay-up and kicked the ball outside – that was a head-up play. They are missing their bigman, best player in the league, but we’re ready to play. I am glad we won.”