Opava wins Overtime-Thriller

Opava wins Overtime-Thriller

98:100 (17:24, 45:31, 71:55, 84:84)

Referees: Blaž SMREKAR, Aleks KUZMIN, Grega OPRČKAL.
Audience: 100.
Venue: Sports hall Šenčur.

Scorers GGD Šenčur:Popadić 21, Brkić 20, Zadnik 16, Rojc 14, Pavič 10, Jurček 8, Bubnić 6, Matinčič 3.
Scorers BK Opava: Bunoch 27, Gniadek 21, Dragoun 20, Sirina 12, Slavik 7, Bukovjan and Kvapil 5, Kurecka 2, Stepanek 1.

After first few attempts on the court BK Opava showed as a agressive and very solid team. It takes several minutes that Šenčur catch a breath and starts to play like guest team from Czech repiblic. In the second quarter Opava try to play a lot  of zone defense what makes home shooters to become a real weapon. Especially Marko Popadić who scored a few three pointers (42%). After the home’s big man Hasan Rizvić locked under the board home distance become a threating for Opava (45:31).

Second part of the game still belongs to Šenčur while Opava try respond with more aggressiveness but home team ofensive was still consistent. Šenčur’s gap was even bigger after third period (71:55). Everyone thought that last quarter should be like easy period but Opava showed briliant performance. Rostislav Dragoun made six point in a row, than Uroš Zadnik made lay up for easier breath for home team. A star performance belongs to Martin Gniadek who scored ten points and game was equalized. 10 second till the end home captain Smiljan Pavič had a chance for a win but unfortunately he missed and game went to an overtime. 36 seconds till the end Popadić scored another three for 98:98 but Jakub Slavik became a clutch payer lass than 10 seconds before the game finished with his 7 points in the game.

Konstantin SUBOTIČ, coach GGD Šenčur: »It was very interesting game for all basketball fans. Mostly we played good but we have to much ups and downs. Opava had so many ofensive rebounds and after all so many easy points. In overtime guest team scored two points more and they deserved to win.«

Matej ROJC, player GGD Šenčur: »We had a lot ups and downs. We managed to play ok but unfortunately we let Opava to imposed their style of play. They fly all around and we weren’t succesful.«

P. CZUDEK, coach KB Opava: »The game was very tough for us. Second and third quarter was our tragedy. Wo won after overtime but this is the only reason that I’m happy.«

Martin GNIADEK, player BK Opava: »We started quite good, but we did not continue executive well and we made some stupid mistakes. Šenčur is very good team so they punished us. At the end they ran out of gas, kind of. We were lucky to win.«