Olomoucko wins its last game in this edition of the AAC

Olomoucko wins its last game in this edition of the AAC

BK REDSTONE Olomoucko – GKK Šibenka 70:59 (21:17, 22:16, 13:13, 14:13)

Referees: Bartoš, Životský, Cibulka (all Slovakia)

Attendance: 300

Venue: Cajkarena, Olomouc

Scorers – Olomoucko: Halada 19, Feštr 14, Olbort 10, Kněževič 9, Skalička 7, Heinzl 6, Tkadlec 5

Scorers – Šibenka: Pleadin 17, Paić 11, Jambrović 9, Škorić and Klarin each 8, Howard, Bobek and Gulin 2

The match indicated Halada’s six points and that the hosts plan to say goodbye to the Alpe Adria Cup with a win. They quickly took a 9:0 lead, then got stuck in shooting for a while and the opponent took advantage of it. He gradually pulled back from his loss and took the lead for the first time in the 7th minute after a fast break from Pleadin. The end of the quarter again belonged to the Olomoucko players, who sent a streak of six points in a row to 21:17. The REDSTONE team was able to bounce back twice in the course of the second ten-minute period to a difference of nine points, the second time in the 15th minute after a three-pointer by Feštr to make it 31:22. But a little relaxation in the defense was enough, and the opponent got closer to four points. The home team was able to respond immediately and after a series of eight points in a row went to the blockbuster. Although they did not maintain the thirteen-point lead, they still led 43:33 at halftime.

Immediately after returning from the locker room, the home basketball players hit several open shots, and this brought them an intermediate result of 50:35 in the 24th minute. The Croatians reacted by changing the lineup, but for a long time they could not get through Olomoucko’s good defense, which even ten minutes before the end held a double-digit lead – 56:46. From the beginning of the final period, the basketball players from Šibenka tried to turn the match around and at the beginning of the 36th minute they reduced the score to 57:63 and three and a half minutes before the end they lost only four points. In the 39th minute, however, Olbort hit a three-pointer with a bit of luck, and the visitors could not adequately respond to this strike.

Post-game quotes: 

Tihomir Bujan, coach of Olomoucko: “Our opponent played a tough league game at the weekend and had to travel a long way, we were able to take advantage of that. The energy was on our side even though we had to leave without several important players. The defense was especially good, but the boys were able to cope in the attack as well. Young players got a chance and took advantage of it. I hope it continues like this in the league.”

Lukáš Olbort, player of Olomoucko: “We had a big problem with the injuries, that freed up space for us young guys. It was a great experience, we took a lot away from the match. We left everything we could on the field, it was enough to win. I personally felt good. In the first half I was looking around, gradually it was fine. Then I played my game. I’m not in optimal shape yet, there’s room for improvement. But I believe that it will go up and I will collect some minutes in the league.”

Damir Milačić, coach of Šibenka: “We didn’t play well in the first half. We made a lot of mistakes on defense. The opponent punished us and gained a lead. It was better in the second part of the match, we fought in the end, but the Olomoucko team had more strength and deservedly won.”

Antonio Klarin, player of Šibenka: “We wanted to avenge the defeat from the first match, but we didn’t succeed. The home team already led by fifteen points. Our team was able to respond and reduce the difference to four points, but it cost a lot of energy and we lacked it in the last minutes.”