New AAC season kicking off with Opening event in Zabok, group phase starts on 12th of October

New AAC season kicking off with Opening event in Zabok, group phase starts on 12th of October

We are getting closer to kicking off the new AAC season. Next month we are starting with an Opening event in Zabok. The group phase starts on 12th of October with 8 entertaining matches.

Year 7 is full of new things, including Opening event and fix dates for group stage games. The first two days (22th and 23th of September) the newcomers from Timisoara are going to play against Zabok and Rogaška. Third day, third match in Group D, on 24th of September Zabok hosts Rogaška.

On the 12th of October we are starting with a full slate of games in each group. The second best team of the 2022/2023 season, Pardubice are heading to Furnir. In Group A, newcomers from Oberwart will play their first match against Dabrowa Górnicza.

Group B will see Šibenik and Vienna clash and Olomoucko will welcome Ilirija. In Group C, Kolín is expected to play Kapfenberg in case the Austrian representative does not qualify for the Group phase of the FIBA Europe Cup. Komárno plays at home against Škrljevo.

Group D will mark the debut of the Alpe Adria Cup in Romania, with the Spišskí Rytieri arriving in Timisoara. And a duel between Rogaška and Zabok is also on the schedule.

We will bring you the complete group stage schedule in the near future.

Calendar for the start of the new season of the Alpe Adria Cup (Gametime TBA):

Opening events (all in Zabok, Croatia)

22th of September: KK Zabok – SCM Ohma Timisoara

23th of September: KK Rogaška – SCM Ohma Timisoara

24th of September: KK Zabok – KK Rogaška

Gameday 1 – 12th of October:

Group A

KK Furnir – BK KVIS Pardubice

Oberwart Gunners – MKS Dabrowa Górnicza

Group B

GKK Šibenka – BC GGMT Vienna

BK REDSTONE Olomoucko – KK Nutrisport Ilirija

Group C

BC GEOSAN Kolín – Kapfenberg Bulls*

BC Komárno – KK Adra Oil Škrljevo

Group D

SCM Ohma Timisoara – Spišskí Rytieri

KK Rogaška – KK Zabok

* Kapfenberg Bulls will not play in case of their successful FIBA Europe Cup Group stage qualification and in that case, they will be substituted by another team.

Photo: Lukáš Droppan