Naglič: Just the fact, that we are going to the Final Four, is a good result

Naglič: Just the fact, that we are going to the Final Four, is a good result

– You have reached the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup. How was the journey between the top four and how do you evaluate the current edition of this competition?

“The road to the Final Four was not an easy one. We had three teams in the group that we respected – Šenčur, Inter and Děčín. The last step was the most difficult, Dabrowa Górnicza was a team from a strong Polish league. I think it’s a very nice result for us. The whole season of the Alpe Adria Cup was very good.”

– With what expectations and goals are you going into the Final Four?

“We have the same expectations as all teams. We want to do the best possible result. I think just going to the Final Four is a good and great result for us. Everybody has a chance, maybe Levice has a little bit more chance, because they are playing at home. We just want to play a good game.”

– Levice will be your semi-final opponent. What do you know about your opponent? How does he play, on what does he rely on in his tactics?

“I know Levice, the team and coach Madzin very well. They have quality, they have been together for two or three years. They have 5 national team players; they know each other very well. They are athletic, physical and also have solid foreigners. They will play in front of their fans, for me they are the favourite in the Final Four. The only thing we can talk about is the big pressure they will have after the semi-final loss in the home Final Four of the Slovak Cup. They won’t have it easy, but they have quality and I respect them. They play organized basketball, Krajčovič is the leader of the team.”

– Your duel will also be a clash of league leaders. Does it give the match more intensity and prestige?

“What we’re showing in our leagues shows, that it’s going to be a good game. It will be good to see where we are and where they are.”

– The Final Four is played in single game format, which is a change in comparison with past seasons. From your point of view, what makes this format special?

“I like the Final Four format. It’s good that we are all in one place, we can talk about basketball and it will be such a fiesta in Levice. It’s definitely going to be on a good level.”

– Final Four of Alpe Adria Cup will be held in front of TV cameras and there is also a prize money at stake. How do you see the progress of the competition that the management is trying to make?

“The whole Alpe Adria Cup is trying to move forward, trying to improve the competition. It’s on the right track, this season has been more serious than in previous years.”