Meet the newcomer: UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart

Meet the newcomer: UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart

Austria has a great tradition in the Alpe Adria Cup. During the existence of this competition, several clubs have changed in it, but only now UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart has become a part of it.

Gunners basketball was founded in 1958. Since 1995 they are permanent in the highest league of Austria – Superleague. They were playing in various names: UBC Stahlbau (-2004), Macabido Gunners (2004-2007), Oberwart Gunners (2007-2012), Redwell Gunners (2012-2017), Oberwart Gunners (2017-2018). In recent years they managed to pull up a lot of achievements – 2x Champions of Austria (2011, 2016), 5x Winners of Austrian Cup (1995, 1999, 2005, 2016, 2021). Last season they ended up in third place. They played also in FIBA Europe Cup in 2016.

Who to watch:

Sebastian Käferle – a legend of Gunners, he wears Oberwart shirt almost his whole professional career. Since then he has managed to get a permanent spot on Austria National Team. A vital member of the team with great stats and a solid starting guard of Gunners.

Renato Poljak – similar as his teammember, from 2016 his a part of Gunners. Member of Austria National Team, also, he wore white and red in 3×3 basketball. He was one of the best 2-pt shooters last season in the league.

D.J. Hanes – explosive point guard and a newcomer to Gunners. Last season he was the best scorer in Lithuaian NKL, as a player of Palangos Kursiai he averaged a fantastic 21 points per match. Will he provide such numbers also in Alpe Adria Cup?

A word from coach – Horst Leitner:

„We are happy to face good teams from different countries to improve our team and gain more experience from it. We have great teams with experienced players, it will be a pleasure to compete with such teams. We want to be competitive and honor our fans, sponsors and region in the best possible way.“

Where to find information about UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart:

Official club website:

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Schedule of UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart in Group A:

12th of October: UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart – MKS Dabrowa Górnicza

19th of October: BK KVIS Pardubice – UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart

26th of October: KK Furnir – UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart

23th of November: MKS Dabrowa Górnicza – UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart

30th of November: UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart – BK KVIS Pardubice

14th of December: UNGER STEEL Gunners Oberwart – KK Furnir