Meet the newcomer: SCM OHMA Mozzart Bet Timisoara

Meet the newcomer: SCM OHMA Mozzart Bet Timisoara

The new edition of the Alpe Adria Cup will start in September and we will step by step introduce all the new teams. First, we’ll head to the furthest reaches, Romania. Our competition has not been played in this country yet, but that will change thanks to SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara.

Timisoara basketball has been present uninterruptedly for almost four decades in the first division of Romania. Elba Timișoara obtained the promotion in May 1987 and then played in Division A / National League, under various names: Poli Elba, Petrom Elba, BCM Elba, BC Timișoara and SCM Timișoara. The team won the Romanian Cup twice, in 2010 and 2015, and was present in six other finals: in the championship (2009, 2012); in the Romanian Cup (2007, 2008, 2012); in the Central European League (2009).

Who to watch:

Eric McClennan –  an experienced American playmaker who, while still at university, featured in the NCAA Elite Eight. He played in the FIBA Europe Cup, and won the award for the best point guard of the season in Mexico. He is an Austrian Cup winner and excelled in Cyprus the previous season. Ex-player of Enosis Neon Paralimni averaged 18 points and should be a team leader in Timisoara.

Igor Kesar – an under the rim protector with a wealth of experience and many winning trophies in his collection. Champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina, winner of the local cup. Last time he excelled in Northern Macedonia, with KK Pelister Sport Bitola he reached the finals. Averaging almost 19 points and 7 rebounds, he made the All Star team of the entire competition and was named the best forward of the season.

Adam Mirkovič – a familiar face in Timisoara, he has been part of the team since 2019. The Serbian winger has been one of the best three-pointers in the Romanian league, a cannonade can be expected from him in his fifth year in SCM colours.

A word from coach – Dragan Petirčević:

„Alpe Adria Cup is a respectable competition, with great teams coming from countries with high level of basketball. We are honored with invitations to be a first team from Romania. Our goals are to represent the city of Timisoara and Romania in the best way. Also, we would like to create new friendships with the teams and their fans from countries who participate. Definitely, Alpe Adria Cup is a new experience for our club and we will work hard to play best as possible. I’m sure we will have some hard games. Zabok, Rogaška and Rytieri are teams who play in strong domestic competitions. Croatia and Slovenia are European powerhouses, Slovak league is a good league too, so for sure we will meet the teams with serious background. Our expectations are to collect as much experience as we can, and I don’t talk only about basketball. As the club who come from Culture Capital of Europe 2023, our goal is to become a serious and trustful partner of Alpe Adria Cup. We didn’t set the target regarding result. We will take this competition as a learning process.”

Where to find information about SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara:

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Schedule of SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara in Group D:

22th of September: KK Zabok – SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara

23th of September: KK Rogaška – SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara

12th of October: SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara – Spišskí Rytieri

23th of November: Spišskí Rytieri – SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara

30th of November: SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara – KK Zabok

14th of December: SCM Ohma Mozzart Bet Timisoara – KK Rogaška