Meet the newcomer: BK REDSTONE Olomoucko

Meet the newcomer: BK REDSTONE Olomoucko

The Alpe Adria Cup has a big name in the Czech Republic, and many clubs from the Kooperativa NBL have already played in this competition. Now another one is joining the list – BK REDSTONE Olomoucko.

REDSTONE Olomoucko has a short basketball history in their city. In the first year in the top-tier professional basketball league in the Czech Republic. They set the goal of stabilizing the team, securing the club financially, being visible as much as possible on social networks, and attracting as many spectators as possible to the stands. Another goal is to actively work with youth. It will be the first international experience for the club.

Who to watch:

Devin Cooper – big off-season reinforcement for Olomouc. He was a huge star in Swiss SBL, in the jersey of Basel, he averaged almost 20 points and 5 assists per game. He helped the team reach the finals. Now he has a mission in Olomoucko – helping them into the play-offs.

Bryan Coleman – another huge asset for Olomoucko to help them reach the higher spots and also in Alpe Adria Cup. Coleman was celebrating with Gimle BBK Bergen the championship in Norway a couple of months ago. Can Redstone expect the same from American forward?

Pedja Stamenkovič – one of the most talkabout transfers in Czech League during the summer. Three times in a row, the leader in assists and unbelievable experienced player. There will be a lot of expectations from Stamenkovič, and he will arguably deliver them in Olomoucko jersey.

A word from coach – Miljan Čurović:

“We expect to improve as a team and as a club during this competition, gain experience during confrontations with teams from other quality leagues and make Olomouc visible on the map of basketball Europe. Each of the opponents has its quality, we will prepare well for it and we will try to win as many games as possible, and try to fight our way to the play-offs. We want to use this competition to improve individuals, collect experience for young players and we believe that those experiences will bring us team quality in the Czech NBL.”

Where to find information about BK REDSTONE Olomoucko:

Official club website:

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Schedule of BK REDSTONE Olomoucko in Group B:

12th of October: BK REDSTONE Olomoucko – KK Nutrisport Ilirija

19th of October: BC GGMT Vienna – BK REDSTONE Olomoucko

26th of October: GKK Šibenka – BK REDSTONE Olomoucko

23th of November: KK Nutrisport Ilirija – BK REDSTONE Olomoucko

30th of November: BK REDSTONE Olomoucko – BC GGMT Vienna

14th of December: BK REDSTONE Olomoucko – GKK Šibenka