Levice secures spot in play-offs

Levice secures spot in play-offs

BK Patrioti Levice vs. UBSC Raiffeisen Graz
90:68 (20:18, 42:38, 70:55)

Referees: Margala, Lamoš, Hudec (SVK).
Audience: 650.
Venue: Športová hala Levice (SVK).

Scorers BK Patrioti Levice: Žiak 17, Alexander 15, Bachan 12, Tomič 11, Williams 10, Gačeša 8, Davis 6, Adámik 5, Danielič 3, Volárik 2, Štefek 1.
Scorers UBSC Raiffeisen Graz: Tyus 23, Moschik 13, Nikolic 11, Ernst 8, Rasic 7, Turner 4, Turman 2.

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The game started with a high tempo, Graz was equal opponent to Levice. The player’s quality was on the home side, but opponent was successful with simple game. After first ten minutes Levice was leading 20:18. In the second quarter the home bench brought a lot of energy, which resulted to first double digit lead in the game – 32:22. But Graz did not surrender, they were still in the hunt for the win, after first half they were trailing only by four points – 38:42.

The start of second half was much different than previous minutes. Levice showed that they want to go the next stage, they started to play more concentrated and with bigger energy. Graz started to make too many mistakes, which resulted again to double digit lead of Levice. The home team gain control over the match, before the last quarter they were leading 70:55. Last ten minutes did not bring anything special, Patrioti was in the control and Graz was visibly exhausted. Slovak champion has won this crucial match, after 90:68 win over Graz they proceed to next stage.

Teo Hojč, head coach of Levice: “I am happy, that we will continue to play in this competition. We are the only Slovakian team, who plays international competition. We are proud, that we can represent Slovakia in foreign countries. That was one of the main goals this season. Like last season, also this one we are taking this competition seriously. We are going to each game 100% ready. I think, we saw many good things in this match. All our players scored, I could use the whole bench, young players got their minutes.”

Martin Bachan, player of Levice: “First half was kind of up and down, we underestimate the opponent a little, till the break it was a close game. In the second half we were much more concentrated, they had shorter rotation and we managed to make them tired. It was obvious, they did not have energy. We played our game and won it.”

Miloš Šporar, head coach of Graz: “In this match I was focused only on my team and my players. We had tough schedule and we were exhausted. I wanted to rotate players and finish the match without injuries. That was the main goal in this match. Players reacted good, they did their job, but Levice was too strong for us.”

Keevin Tyus, player of Graz: “I think we were just exhausted. We came here after 6 hours trip, our feet were heavy. Overall, it was a good match, everybody got their minutes. Congratulations to Levice, they played well and they have a great team.”