Levice overcomes Polzela

Levice overcomes Polzela

Patrioti Levice – KD Hopsi Polzela
93:82 (22:25, 45:48, 67:62)

Referees: Zubák, Bara, Bartoš (all Slovakia).
Audience: 700.
Venue: Sports hall Levice.

Levice: Hot 22, Perovič 16, Bojanovský 13, Hill, Žiak, Juríček each 10, Krajčovič 5, Bachan 3, Kirves 4.
Polzela: Vašl 18, Fowler 15, Collins 14, Atanackovič 13, Čebular 6, Dragan 9, Vasilič 4, Morina 3, Copot 0.

The second match between Levice and Polzela started very offensively, most of the points came from the paint. Vasilič was doing a lot of trouble to the defense of Levice, with his help Polzela was leading 12:7. But Patrioti answered with Juríček, who was also very effective. First quarter ended 22:25 for the Slovenian team. Second period was pretty much identical, Polzela had a small lead, but Levice were still on the hunt for a good result. In one moment Polzela led 45:38, but with Hot´s buzzer beater the score after first 20 minutes was 45:48.

Halftime break helped Levice a lot, eight points a row got the home team in the lead. Suddenly they were in control, but Polzela was still in the game. Before the last quarter the score was 67:62 for the Slovak team. Last quarter was from the beginning a bit dramatic, but Levice made crucial shots in the right moments, which led them to the win.

Michal Madzin, coach of Levice: “I am not happy with the attitude, which we enter the match. Maybe with bigger rotation and better performance in second half we managed to get the win on our side. Again, we need to improve our performance, we need to be satisfied.”

Viktor Juríček, player of Levice: “I think, we did not have a good start into the match, mainly in defense and energy. I do not know, maybe we came here, that I will be an automatic win. Between first and second half we talked about some stuff; coach raised a voice a little bit. In second half, we played better and we won.”

Boštjan Kuhar, coach of Polzela: “Levice were better team than us. Difference was in free throws, from this point they played very aggressive in offense. The road here was too long, we came straight in the match, on which we were not prepared.”

Miha Vašl, player of Polzela: “I think, that we played to different halfs. In first we had energy, which we were missing in the second part. It is one of the reasons, that we lost. We did not win also because of that; we came to the match right from the bus. Congratulations to Levice and I wish them a good season.”