Introducing the teams for the AAC Final Four: BC Komárno

Introducing the teams for the AAC Final Four: BC Komárno

The opening semi-final match of the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup powered by GGMT in Vienna will bring together two teams that have reached the top four for the first time. BC Komárno even made it on their debut in this competition. Will their success and winning story continue?

Zlatko Jovanovič, head coach of BC Komárno:

– We are facing the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup. What does it mean to you that you made it to this event at all?

“As I said recently, this is a big thing for our club and for everybody. BC Komárno is only in its second year and we are playing the Alpe Adria Cup for the first time. And right away we were able to be among the top four teams. Compared to previous years, the quality of this competition went up a lot, with many quality teams playing. It is a positive thing for Slovak basketball as well.”

– How do you evaluate your performance in this competition so far?

“Our performances have been perfect so far. In a tough group where we played against Kolín, Škrljevo and Kapfenberg, we won 5 out of 6 games. Against Kolín we lost at the very end, so it could easily have been a perfect record. The quarter-final double-header against Šibenka was a tough one, but we showed good character in front of the home fans.”

– How is the team in terms of health and preparedness for this event?

“We’ve had various problems with injuries and illnesses, it’s been bothering us for a long time. At the moment we are doing well and I believe it will be the same in Vienna. Every single absence is noticeable for us.”

– The Final Four system is uncompromising, 1 game, 1 chance. How will you prepare for this specific match?

“In basketball and in the Final Four, it’s about 1 game. Sometimes you can play well and lose, sometimes you can play worse and win with some crazy shot or finish. It’s not easy, it’s uncompromising, but that’s basketball. We want to play our game, even if we’re up against a quality team from Poland.”

– What does this international confrontation give you?

“I am pleased that we can have an international confrontation. It’s nice to be on such a stage, the Final Four of the Alpe Adria Cup. It gives us the motivation to prove ourselves.”

– In the semi-finals you will face Dabrowa Górnicza. What kind of opponent is it, how does he present himself and what do you think about his results and performances so far?

“Dabrowa Górnicza is a very good and physical team. They are not doing so well in the domestic league, but the league the has great quality, even 12 teams could play for the highest positions in Slovakia. They have great offensive potential, on average they score between 85 and 100 points in games. They punish every mistake, they have quality individuals on the roster. We will only have a chance if we play as a team. We’re going to play a little bit different basketball than we’ve been used to. They shoot a lot and they’re pretty quick in their offense. But we also have our qualities.”

–  What will it be about from your point of view to be able to advance to the finals?

“It’s the details that make the difference, sometimes even one shot, a rebound, a steal or a turnover. Of course, we are not the most experienced team from such games. In my opinion, it will be decided by who plays better as a team. That team will make it to the finals.”