Great comeback leads Kolín to victory over Vienna

Great comeback leads Kolín to victory over Vienna

BC GEOSAN Kolín – BC GGMT Vienna 74:72 (8:19 22:23 16:13 28:17)

Referees: T. Tybor, M. Skorek a A. Maj  (all from Poland)

Attendance: 603

Venue: GEOSAN arena

Scorers – Kolín: Mareš 23, Šiška 11, Číž and Lošonský each 8, Slavinskas 7, Petráš 6, Jelínek 5, Novotný and Dlugoš 3

Scorers – Vienna: Rados 18, Vujošević 16, Murati 12, Savić 10, Siriščević 6, Mateo and Manigat 5, Milošević 0

Historically first play-off game for Kolín in the Alpe Adria Cup didn´t start well, Kolín lose his confidence for 3-pt shots and score just 8 points in first ten minutes. Vienna grabbed the lead, after 20 minutes by 12 points. Second half start Kolín much better, came back to the game, but after few turnovers, bad decisions in offense and easy baskets from the paint for Vienna means game high lead for Vienna by 19 points. But sometimes miracles comes, Kolín were lead by best scorer of the game Mareš and in a few minutes games was close. 11 points in row for Kolín means first lead in the game 70:69, after that Vujošević scored 3-pointeer, but after that he received technical foul, his second in the game and Kolín finish strong 4 points in last minute and that´s how that miracle comes.

Post-game quotes:

Adam Konvalinka, coach of Kolín: “We didn’t start the game well, first ten minutes Vienna was only team at the court. We came back to the rhythm of the game in the second period. After the halftime break we changed something in our offense and also defense, came back to the game, did a great job in defense, and we finished the game strong. We won just by 2 points, but we showed them (Vienna) we will be fighting till last seconds and we are not going to the Vienna just at trip, but we want to go to the semifinals.”

Adam Číž, player of Kolín: “Good win for us, we didn’t play well, specially in the offense, but we also be able to beat TOP team from Austria. On the road game, I expect a really tough game, with higher intensity, but we will travel to Vienna to grab the ticket into the semifinals.”

Aramis Naglić, coach of Vienna: “At first half we controlled the game. We played really well, especially on defense. We had good solutions in offense, but in the second half we just stopped, we didn’t play in our rhythm, we didn’t play with intensity, Kolín start to play what they want and result is what it is. We have one more game, at home, we are minus 2, and we will fight until the end!”

Enis Murati, player of Vienna: “From actually dominating this game, pretty much for 30 minutes, I don’t know what happened. We lost our control of the game and Kolín came back. I don´t think it is a big matter of losing by 2 points, but the way we lost is bad. Now we have to make sure, that we win by 3 and more points at home game.”