Gliwice tops group D

Gliwice tops group D

GTK Gliwice vs. BC Hallmann Vienna
95:70 (25:23, 42:46, 69:60)

Referees: Robert Mordal, Michal Kuzia, Bogna Podkowinska (all POL).
Audience: 350.
Venue: Arena Gliwice (POL).

Scorers GTK Gliwice: LaChance 23, Kiwilsza 17, Szlachetka 11, Slupinski 10, Radwanski 9, Washington 9, Morgan 8, Robak 4, Dawdo 2, Piechowicz 2.
Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Haughton 25, Trmal 16, Gvozden 13, Radakovics 12, Trbovic 2, Koka 2.

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Only cataclysm could take the first place in group D in the Alpe Adria Cup GTK Gliwice. Paweł Turkiewicz’s team, however, wanted to finish the group stage in a good mood, and most of all finish this part with the balance of five wins, which may have a significant impact on the schedule of matches in the knockout round.

GTK started really good. After Piotr Robak’s three point shot and two Desmond Washington’s actions led 9:6. Guests came to Gliwice only with seven players, but only six of them played. Apart it, they didn’t allow opponents to gain bigger lead. Moreover, thanks to David Haughton, who didn’t play in the first game beetween those teams, they bring to the draw (16:16). Due to the Paul Radakovics’ three point shot Vienna take a lead, but finally GTK settled this quarter in it’s favour because Mateusz Szlachetka finish perfectly drive in the paint zone (25:23).

In the most of the second quarter team from Gliwice still had a little advantage. On the other hand GTK has a lot problems in the defense. In the middle of the quarter they exceed allowed number of fouls and every next one were punished by free throws. Team from Vienna due to the points from the line and very good Haughton performance took the lead again (42:46).

During the halftime in the GTK’s locker room was really loud, but the open of the third quarter in hosts performance was brilliant. Run 7:0 gave them lead again. Moreover, team from Gliwice improved shooting from distance and thanks to their advantage increased. At the end of quarter Szlachetka again finished his action in the last seconds (69:60).

In the last quarter guests lost their strength and were unable to resist the opponent. At this moment, GTK completed the destruction works at the floor and thanks to Riley LaChance and Dawid Słupiński gained an advantage of 25 points (95:70).

Pawel Turkiewicz, head coach of Gliwice: “It was hard game because plavers wasn’t focused on the game in the first half. We allowed opponent to score points in easy way. During the halftime I used few stronger words and after brake my team started to play in defense what allow us to control the game. It’s a pity, that we didn’t start play in this way from the beginning. We are really happy that we won group stage.”

Dawid Slupinski, player of Gliwice: “It was our last game in the grup stage and we knew what was the stake. Team from Vienna was the last in the group but we didn’t want to ignore them. They played really good in the first half but when they lost thier strength we were dominate them. We started to play harder in the defense and quicker running to the counter attacks.”

Luigi Gresta, head coach of Vienna: “We played very good in the first half. I decided not to use all of the players because some of them have little injries and they stayed at home and Detrick was only on the bench. He is 38 years and we will play very important game in the league so I decided to give him a rest. My players try to be in the game as long as they can so I’m satisfied from their performance. The opponent team deserve to win.”

Martin Maximilian Trmal, player of Vienna: We played without three important players. In three quarters we did our best but in the last one we do not had enough players to be equal with the Gliwice. Congratulations to the GTK, they played really well, especially in the defense and they deserved the win.”