Finals for Dabrowa Górnicza

Finals for Dabrowa Górnicza

BC Komárno – MKS Dabrowa Górnicza 70:96 (23:27, 21:29, 14:17, 12:23)

Referees: Pipan, Kranjć, Mohorić (all Slovenia)

Attendance: 150

Venue: Hallmann Dome, Vienna

Scorers – Komárno: Djordjevič 17, Stuckey 15, Gašič 14, Gatling 8, Markovič 6, Volárik 5, Pipíška 3, Foltín 2, Gergely and Danielič 0

Scorers – Dabrowa Górnicza: Bluiett 25, Drame 18, Blakes 16, Chealey 15, Krampelj and Mokros each 6, Kucharek 5, Piechowicz 4, Radwanski 1, Rajewicz a Zawadzki 0

Komárno started with a lot of confidence, but Dabrowa Górnicza didn’t let them be shamed either. The first quarter was also in the spirit of a shooting duel between Djordjević and Gasić on the Komárno side and Bluiett and Drame on the Polish side. There was a huge energy coming from both teams, so the spectators could see an attractive opening duel of the AAC Final Four powered by GGMT. Dabrowa Górnicza had slightly better energy in attack and defence, but Komárno didn’t lag behind too much in the first quarter after a good finish – 23:27. The Polish team entered the second part better, their pressure game made big problems for the Slovak group and for the first time in the match they got into a double-digit lead. The whole first half was dominated by one or the other team. Komárno made more mistakes, with the pair of Bluiett and Chealey in particular punishing it for Dabrowa Górnicza, which helped them win the first half 56:44.

The beginning of the second half and the third quarter in general was not so offensive, the defense was the main thing. Komárno tried to do something about the negative development of the game, but the game quality and control was in the power of Dabrowa Górnicza. At the end of the third 10-minute period there was a slight pressure from Komárno side, but it was only enough to correct the score – 58:73. The Poles didn’t let up in their energy and game commitment, robbing Komárno of the last drops of hope for a turnaround, which was also evident in the score. The end of the game was just finishing, the winner of the match and the advancing team was decided.

Post-game quotes:

Zlatko Jovanović, heach coach of Komárno: “It was dominance from Dabrowa Górnicza. The last few days we were preparing exactly what our opponent would play. However, they have strong individualities, especially in offense. We knew that we needed to get as close to them as possible, but we didn’t manage to do that. They already made a lot of threes in the first half and in games like this, details make the difference.”

Luka Gašić, player of Komárno: “We didn’t play the way we wanted. Our defense, especially in the first half, wasn’t what we wanted. We allowed Dabrowa Górnicza too many open shots, although we rotated well, but they converted their attempts. The final result may not be a reflection of what happened on the floor, but we didn’t show ourselves in a good light.“

Jacek Winnicki, head coach of Dabrowa Górnicza: “We are happy that we advanced to the finals. I think we deserved it because we were the better team the whole game. Komárno took the lead in the beginning, but it wasn’t significant. We improved our defense, we outshot Komárno and took a 20-point lead. I’m glad we could spare some energy. I believe that mentally and physically we will be ready for the final.”

Ousmane Drame, player of Dabrowa Górnicza: “I think we played pretty well. Komárno has a good team, they fought and were physical, but our team did a good job of converting shots and putting up easy points that came from pressure on the ball.”