Excellent job of Inter in Šenčur

Excellent job of Inter in Šenčur

GGD Šenčur – Inter Bratislava 74:95 (15:31, 11:14, 28:31, 20:19)

Referees: L. Roglić, T. Miletić, R. Hordov

Audience: 100

Venue: Sports Hall Šenčur

Šenčur: Ivković 21, Ahmedović 16, Martinčić 11, Tešić 9, Ozegovič 7, Korman 6, Daneu and Malovčić each 2, Bajazet and Čorić 0

Inter: Slavinskas 24, Blondin 18, Zubac 16, Gandia-Rosa a T. Malovec po 13, M. Koller 4, Randuška 3, Boros and Orihel each 2, Borodovčák and Minarovjech 0

The home team was a bit weakened because Hasan Rizvić, Ramo Rizvić, Jan Rebec and Matej Rojc couldn’t play in the second round game group B Alpe Adria Cup. Such an absence accrued some difficulties at GGD Šenčur in the first quarter of the game when the guest team from Bratislava grabbed few more rebounds and made baskets from second attempts. After ten minutes, Inter lead 15:31. The first phase of the second quarter bellongs to GGD Šenčur and the gap was reduced. Unfortunately  for the home team, Inter responded quickly and managed to secure a difference allowing them to play with no pressure at the end of the period. Malovac scored with a slam dunk. Gandia Rosa hit a three-pointer, and Zubac was quite dominant. At the halftime result was 26:46. Obviously young roster of GGD Šenčur wouldn’t pair with moody guests.

Third quarter didn’t become a releif for GGD Šenčur while Inter play with intensity and a lot of creative in ofense. A sort of shining came from Nejc Martinčič who nailed two three-pointers, but both coaches made some substitutions and gave a chance to play others. In the final period GGD Šenčur tried to suprise Inter and came to -15, but that was all the home players coul manage. Slavinskas and Zubac were ingenious, so was Blondin and Meleshcenko offering more minutes at the end for younger players. Also did home coach Miljan Pavković. A second win for Inter Bratislava was no under question. The final result of 74:95 speaks for itself.

Post-game quotes:

Miljan Pavković, coach of Šenčur: “We had to use our younger players and I’m quite satisfied with them. They showed us that there was a future for them, for us. When the guest team from Bratislava created a bigger score difference they were much more comfortable and  played relieved. Congratulation to Inter and I hope we’ll be better in the rematch.”

Vojin Ivković, player of Šenčur: “It was a great opportunity for me, where I can get a lot of experience. In the first half we didn’t play strong defense and we missed our concentration as well. We look forward next games.”

Oleg Meleshchenko, coach of Inter: “It’s a good win. We have a young team, on average about 20 years old, and every win is like a new step. I don’t know what we can reach because everything is like studying in school. Every game is a good experience for a young team. Last few games we lost by one or two points and now we have got a good result.”

Jure Zubac, player of Inter: “We stepped in to the game very strong and a home team without a few vital players didn’t respond well. Our defense was very good and in offense our ball flow was very successful. We are very happy.”