Easy win for Sluneta

Easy win for Sluneta

Sencurs roadtrip come to an end without any feeling of success. After their loss in Gliwice they had to abandon the fiel against Sluneta Usti nad Labem after losing 79:106.

Sluneta Usti nad Labem vs. KK Sencur GGD
106:79 (32:15, 53:34, 80:55)

Referees: Baudys, Znaminko, Vondracek.
Audience: 620.
Venue: Sportcentrum Sluneta.

Scorers Sluneta Usti nad Labem: Pecka 34, Svejcar 16, Wisseh 15, Stevanovic 13, Šteffel 14, Houška 8, David 2, Pokorný 2, Šotnar 1.

Scorers KK Sencur GGD: Popadic 16, Rizvic 13, Muric 12, Sejfic 10, Martincic 8, Novak 6, Zadnik 5, Gorjanc 5, Pavic 2, Morina 2.


The team from Sencur had a very hard program of the last days. First they travelled to Gliwice and from there to Ústí. Maybe the main reason, why the went as it did. SLUNETA had the better start to the game and showed from the tip-off who is at home here. Already the first quarter showed the advantage of SLUNETA. With many fast breaks they managed to build a 32:15 lead until the end of the first quarter.

The second part was not as good from our the Czech side, however they were able to manage to keep the high pace of the game. After halftime SLUNETA showed up again in a great shape, especially Ladislav Pecka, who had an extraordinary performance, posting a double-double with 34 points and 10 rebounds.

As Sencurs energy was dwindling minute by minute, the team from Usti had the game completely in their hands. The player hat a great percentage of shooting a the oponent was not able to find a recipe for SLUNETAS game. The score-diference was growing with the time, so the coaches had the  opportunity to give some minutes to the young guys.

Antonín Pištěcký, head coach of Sluneta: “We knew Sencur had a tough game in Gliwice, so I told my players we have to be aggressive. I am satisfied with the first quarter, but definitely not with the second one, we made a lot of mistakes. Second half was not only about Pecka, a lot of players played a good game, I am glad that I could give minutes to young guys.”

Ladislav Pecka, player of Sluneta: “We knew they would be tired after their game in Poland, so we put a lot of energy to the game, run the floor and everything was good – except the second quarter.”

Rade Mijanovic, head coach of Sencur: “Congratulations SLUNETA for this win. Although we did not succeed, I am satisfied with the effort of my players, because it is already the second game in less than 24 hours. Congratulations to the player Ladislav Pecka for his extraodinary perfomance.”