Defensive effort lifts Dukes over Brno

Defensive effort lifts Dukes over Brno

Klosterneuburg got it’s first win of the season. They took revanche on their friends from Brno for the defeat in the first round by winning 66:59 at home

BK Klosterneuburg Dukes vs. Egoe Basket Brno
66:59 (13:11, 23:20, 47:30)

Referees: Kirnbauer, Brandstötter, Trmal (all AUT).
Audience: 150.
Venue: Happyland, Klosterneuburg (AUT).

Scorers BK Klosterneuburg Dukes: Hopfgartner 16, Bavcic 15, Lanegger 9, Cl. Leydolf, Burgemeister je 7, Bauer 6, Bas 4, Purkovic 2.
Scorers Egoe Basket Brno: Keely 15, Roby 14, Geiger, Jokl je 6, Farsky, Stegbauer, Kozina je 5, Szarowksi 3.

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Brno started with high pace and led by five points after three minutes. Dukes-Headcoach Werner Sallomon made some changes and his team became better and better, especially on the defensive end. Brno wasn’t able to score for more than six minutes and so the hosting team took a two point lead to the first break. In the second quarter the Dukes were able to stay slightly ahead and the pace remained high. Klosterneuburg defended a 3 point lead till the end of this quarter.

After the halftime break Dukes started more actively with a 11:3-run. They kept the intensity high and finished the third quarter with a 17 point lead. In the last 10 minutes, Brno recovered and increased the pressure again decreasing Dukes’ lead. In the final two minutes the lead was down to 6 points. Brno forced the Dukes to errors and had the chance to tie the game. However, Klosterneuburg stayed concentrated and won the game 66:59.

Werner Sallomon, head coach of Dukes: “We had some injured players today and had to rotate early in the game. Towards the end it was a close game, but also the young players played their part in the success.”

Clemens Leydolf, player of Dukes: “We luckily played better than in our last game and it was an important win for our self confidence. We need to stay focused over 40 minutes since we lost concentration in the last quarter.”

Dejan Jakara, head coach of Brno: “Some of our guys thought that the game would be easy when they saw that Miletic and Blazevic are not playing. We had problems with their aggressive defense. We have to analyse the game in detail.”

Reggie Keely, player of Brno: “We had a bad day, we missed a lot of easy shots. At the end of the 3rd quarter we had 40 points, which is not enough for a professional basketball team.”