Děčín with second win, Šenčur with second loss

Děčín with second win, Šenčur with second loss

BK ARMEX Děčín – KK GGD Šenčur 86:83 (14:12, 27:25, 21:17, 24:29)

Scorers – Děčín: Pomikálek and Šiška each 24, Svoboda 13, Prahl 9, Kroutil 5, Žikla 4, Mach 3, Bobek and Sertić each 2, Randýsek 0

Scorers – Šenčur: Rebec 27, Malovčić 15, Rojć 13, Ozegović 12, Tešić 7, Daneu 5, Ivković 4, Čorić 0

The first quarter showed that Alpe Adria Cup made a step up in quality. Šenčur came with a lower number of players, also on Děčín side, there were two foreigners missing, although it was good energic basketball in ARMEX Sportcentrum to see. Defenses on both sides kept strong as the score after the first 10 minutes was 14:12. Brett Prahl seemed unstoppable at the start of the second quarter as Šenčur had to use fouls and Prahl managed to hit all six free throws. Home team had many nice moments in team effort, several times it seemed to get bigger lead, but Slovenians stayed tuned and every time got back very quickly so it was never bigger than 5 points difference. Rebec scored nice buzzer beater to finish the halftime score on 41:37.

And how the first half went, the second one continued. Hard defense, nice plays, good moments, tied and close game… Just a few last minutes of the third quarter, Děčín finished stronger with a 11:3 run, to get the biggest lead on a pause – 62:54. Šenčur showed their qualities and made a 0:10 scoring run to get back and even over the home team. Again, the game got close and continued in this way rest of the playing time. It was Šiška, Pomikálek and Svoboda, who took Děčín’s scoring to their hands, while Rebec and Malovčić where answering from Šenčur side. Tough baskets were made in the end, when Šiška closed the score with one AND1 and another great drive and finish – 86:83.

Post-game quotes:

Tomáš Grepl, coach of Děčín: „Sencur played a great game even though they came without 4 important players. They showed why they have a 7-1 record in the home league and Vienna lost there by 20 points. For us this is a good win and an impuls to next work. We were leading the whole game, which didn’t happen to us often this year. We shouldn’t allow 16 offensive rebounds to our opponent, so it is a small miracle we won with this statistic.“

Lukáš Bobek, player of Děčín:Strong opponent who was missing a few players but their quality was obvious. Rebec made us big trouble when he showed how good a shooter he is and able to create a position. Pity in the end, we could have won by more points, but we are happy for a win.“

Miljan Pavković, coach of Šenčur: „We started this league with big ambitions, but unfortunatelly some injuries stopped us. We are going to use the second part to try to go further. On this game we started with a lot of energy, very good on offense and defense. My players played very well, in the end we just lost concentration. Our opponent deserved a win.“

Vojin Ivković, player of Šenčur: „Congrats to the opponent. Our roster was not full, we were aware of that. We were going into this game with a strong mind, but our first half was a little bit soft. Second half was our defense very good, different story, but still it wasn’t enough to win.“