Decin wins emotional battle

Decin wins emotional battle

BK ARMEX Decin vs. Egis Körmend
87:70 (14:21, 42:42, 66:55)

Referees: Blahout Petr, Linhart Tomas, Pokorny Stepan (all CZE)
Audience: 620.
Venue: ARMEX Sportcentrum, Decin (CZE).

Scorers BK ARMEX Decin: Autrey 25, Festr 15, Carlson 9, Grunt 9, Jezek 8, Kroutil 5, Landa 5, Krakovic 4, Pomikalek 3, Siska 2, Zikla 2.
Scorers Egis Körmend: Delas 14, McNeail 13, Bradford 11, Price 11, Hammonds 7, Ferencz 6, Csorvasi4, Nemeth 4.

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Kormend point guard McNeail openned the score and Decin center Grunt answered with a dunk. The game was moving from side to side till 6th minute, when Hungarian team posted a 0-8-scoring-run and Decin did not answer even from free throw line. After 10 minutes Kormend took a 14:21-lead.

Bradford made a three and got Kormend to a 10 point lead in the first seconds of second part. Nemeth made two and put it on 10 points (22:32) again in 15th minute. Then Decin put more energy on the court and slowly started to cut hungarians’ lead. Autrey finished first half with four-point action with and AND-1 three-pointer and it was tied 42:42.

Big fights in the paint, nice actions on both sides and good quality basketball was happening there in ARMEX Sportcentrum this evening. Autrey made 11 points in a row as Kormend answered only with one free throw from Price. Festr then closed third quater to make it 66:55.

In last quarter many emotions got to the game as Decin was getting higher lead. Carlson made two after great assist by Siska and made a free throws to get it on 85:68, which descided the game. Best player of the game, Decin’s Lamb Autrey closed the score with free throws also to 87:70 in the end.

Pavel Budinsky, head coach of Decin: “I am happy for the win against very good team. Our game had two faces tonight. We did not start well, we were not focused enough, we weren’t able to adapt on opponents stoping us from finishing easily. They were productive in both first two quatres. Once we shared the ball better, we got to cooperation and we made better shot selection, we tied the score. In second half we looked better physically. It is a pity we did not make bigger difference, because in last minutes we controlled a game too much. But in general we are satisfied.”

Lukas Festr, player of Decin: “I appreciate the win that keeps us chance to get to second round. After tied half we calm down in offense and we produced much better defense that moved us to a win. I hope we will keep this way on Saturday home league game in Kolin and also against Graz next Wednesday for we again keep our thoughts to get to the quater finals.”