Decin got third victory

Decin got third victory

BK ARMEX Decin vs. KK Vrijedosnice Osijek
98:83 (20:27, 46:41, 70:63)

Referees: Kucirek Martin, Perlik Michal, Bohata Pavel.
Audience: 658.
Venue: ARMEX Sportcentrum.

Scorers BK ARMEX Decin: Pomikalek 19, Autrey and Siska 17, Carlson 14, Kroutil 12, Festr 10, Landa 4, Jezek and Skalicka 2, Grunt 1, Mach.

Scorers KK Vrijedosnice Osijek: Kujundrzic and Buljevic 18, Basic 16, Jordano 13, Turalija 7, Sarenac 5, Darling 4, Dmitrovic 2, Filipovic.

Even though Decin started well, Osijek showed from the very start, that came to North of Czech Republic to fight for a win. Focus on every shot no matter how tough it is, hosts scored 27 points in first quatre and took seven points lead 20:27.

Osijek kept the better score until cooperation between home Siska and Pomikalek lead to 3 threepointers in a row on the way Siska’s assist and Pomikalek’s precious shot from beyond the arc, which made it from 30:35 on 39:35 in 17th minute of the game. The game intensity fit almost to playoff game, but still both teams stayed very good in offense as the halftime score showed five points lead for home Warriors – 46:41.

In second half hosts showed high offensive quality to take back the lead nine points scoring run to put it on 51:53. But Decin answered with similiar run making it 61:53. Kujundzic and Jordano wanted to make the game interesting and kept Osijek in the game.. 70:63 after 30 minutes.

As the game came closer to the finish, emotions got higher and after Autrey made a threepointer on 84:75, referees needed to calm down the situation harder. With time falling down, home team protected the win as Osijek didn’t shake hands after the game with home team, neither refs.

Regardless last moment it was high quality, very attractive game with big intensity, nice basketball moments, great efforts and with several highlight actions.

Renato Martinko, manager of Osijek: “The game was very tough for us, because our very important player is injured. But our coach played whole team, that is very young. Very good game for our experience, congratulations for home team.”

Andrija Sarenac, player of Osijek: “We want to congratulate home team, they played great game, they made a lot of shots, especially three-pointers. But unfortunately from second half referees dictated a tempo, which caused intentions between team. I don’t think there will be some intentions if they called it right way. Once again congratulate home team, we had a long trip here and it sucks we lost that way.”

Tomas Grepl, head coach of Decin: “Osijek has very good team. We had troubles to stop their offense, they showed high quality, they are really good players, they are scoring 90 points in average per game and it was problem for us. Later they slowed us down with zone defense, but fortunately we were making threepointers in key moments. I think we deserved to win tonight.”

Ondrej Siska, player of Decin: “We knew that Osijek is very good offensive team, so we wanted to play precious defense. We received 83 points, so we didn’t manage to to claim our goal, but on the other hand we scored 98, which is nice number. In the start of the game, Osijek made almost every shot, and we were missing good positions. From second quater we better managed to cover croatian offense. For me the key moment were Tomas Pomikalek’s three threes in a row. We are happy for the win. “