Dabrowa Górnicza’s journey to the first trophy and triumph in the Alpe Adria Cup

Dabrowa Górnicza’s journey to the first trophy and triumph in the Alpe Adria Cup

Another country was added to the Alpe Adria Cup winners’ map in Vienna – Poland. It was a unique triumph for Dabrowa Górnicza, the first time they have won a trophy in one of the main competitions they are a part of since their inception in 1992.

Dabrowa Górnicza expanded the basketball map of the Alpe Adria Cup in 2021, even then it was within reach of participation in the Final Four. Now, it has not only managed to fight its way into the top four, but also win the whole competition. “We are part of the Alpe Adria Cup for the second season. A year ago we lost the quarter-finals here in Vienna. Now we have done our job, which makes me extremely happy,” said Jacek Winnicki, the team’s coach.

In the Austrian capital, the Polish team made a sovereign drive to win the first trophy for their club collection. They won the semi-final battle with Komárno without any major problems and then did not make the home team Vienna, who had their sights set on the gold medal, too happy. „I think that’s a big thing for our team. We played well in this game, we were good shooters. I am very happy and proud of the whole Dabrowa Górnicza team. It’s a thank you to my teammates for trusting me (about MVP trophy) and doing a good job of finding me in open positions in the final game. It’s not just my appreciation, it’s all of ours,“ said the Final Four MVP Ousmane Drame.

The Alpe Adria Cup has had its best year in terms of quality, for some this competition is a stepping stone to FIBA competitions, as was the case for example in Levice. In the 2022/2023 season, several champions of their respective countries have entered the competition and for Dabrowa Górnicza this can be a new motivation for the future. “It means a lot to us. From the beginning we went into it with the idea that we want to win every game. We approached the Alpe Adria Cup with full seriousness. It’s a nice thing to have a medal hanging around your neck. We are one of the first clubs in Poland to win an international competition. Of course, it’s not a FIBA competition, but the competition has quality,” Winnicki said.

The Polish team can now ride the winning euphoria in the domestic competition, where they are fighting for a playoff spot. “The club is on the right path, becoming more and more competitive in the league,” Drame concluded.