BC Vienna is through to the quarter finals

BC Vienna is through to the quarter finals

Egis Körmend vs. BC Hallmann Vienna
75:94 (22:29, 39:55, 58:81)

Referees: Gábor Farkas, Alajos Horváth, Ádám Földesi.
Audience: 300.
Venue: Körmend Sports Hall, Hungary.

Scorers Egis Körmend: Balogh 15/3, Martinez 14/6, Kiss M. 12/3, Kiss B. 11/9, Kozma 6/3, Szívós 6/3, Kelechi 6, Habel 2, Vargovics 2, Herczeg 1.

Scorers BC Hallmann Vienna: Shouvtin 34/9, Radakovic 24/24, Trmal 15/3, Gvozden 8, Detrick 6/6, Zdravkovic 2, Trbovic 5.

The visitor team had only seven players on their bench because of illnesses but at the time of the game they already knew that they had passed into the second round. First team of Körmend played FIBA Europe Cup game in Kijev so their rooster contained youngs from their 2nd team. Home team started the game with brave plays but the opponent team could take the lead at the 4th minute with a 3point shot from Shoutvin. Vienna could open the gap with their long range shots till the end of the quarter.

Körmend started the quarter with an eye catching offense from Kiss M and Martinez but Vienna could answer and set the 10 points of difference. After the 7th 3 points shot from Vienna they increased their led to 14 points but Kozma could answer on that. A lot of shots from the home team came out of the rim and the visitor team increased their advantage up to 16 points till the halftime.

Visitor team started the quarter with another 3 points shoot and they scored the 11th afterwards. Headcoach of Körmend asked for timeout due to the increased led of the visitor team. (48-67). Kiss cousins scored 3 points shots and Körmend could come closer till 13 points but Vienna was able to answer on that and they were up to 23 points. Shouvtin and Radakovic already scored 50 points together.

Head Coach of Körmend gave possibility to all of his players and the fans were grateful for their fighter behaviour they showed on court. Vianna made his 14th long range shot and they kept and protected their led. After a blockshot from Balogh Máté referees decided to give a score to Vienna. It was too much for the Head Coach of Körmend and referees gave him technical foul.  Home players on court were able to stabilize the difference at 20 points and Vienna won the game at the end with deserved play.

Paul Radakovic, player of BC Hallmann Vienna: “I think we came here very focused and very concentrated, and we brought back home a very deserved win. Came here, made a lot of shots today.”

Luigi Gresta, coach of BC Hallmann Vienna: “I think we came here with the idea that after the result of yesterday we already passed around and went to the quarter final, so we are proud that we advance on the quarter final on this competition, which is a European competition, so we are proud of that. I think we played solid game, I had the opportunity in the second half to try some new things and so I think it was good for us and now we go home focusing on the next game.”

Máté Balogh, the player of Egis Körmend: “I think our team did a great job today. At the beginning we played well but later we tapped. In the first half we played well but we made lots of mistakes is defence in the third quarter, and we got many three point shots. In the fourth quarter our coach gave a possibility to the young players to get on court, which was not only a great idea, but also it was successful as we won the last quarter by five points.”

Benjamin Patai, coach of Egis Körmend: “I am really grateful for our supporters to visit this game tonight and be here with us, as it was the last game of this cup. Overall it was a great opportunity and experience for both the players and the club to take part in this cup. The players had a chance to improve and gain experiences. Although we started the game really well later I felt that our dominant players were not able to fight well enough, so I decided in the last quarter to give a possibility to our youngest players to get on court. I was happy to see that our young talents could play well. We have to learn from this and we should not forget how much effort we put in it and where we started.”