Battle of the undefeated for Komárno

Battle of the undefeated for Komárno

BC GEOSAN Kolín – BC Komárno 79:91 (21:24, 21:28, 22:14, 15:25)

Referees: Trmal, Štokić, Axmann (all Austria)

Attendance: 602

Venue: GEOSAN arena

Scorers – Kolín: Mareš 24, Slavinskas 20, Šiška 15, Lošonský 7, Petráš 6, Číž 5, Křivánek 2, Novotný, Dlugoš and Jelínek 0

Scorers – Komárno: Stuckey 27, Gašič 23, Volárik 16, Podojak 7, Jenkins 6, Danielič 5, Skvašik 3, M. Dolník and Pendič each 2

Komárno started the match actively and shot accurately for two and three points. After Kolín increased her activity in the basket, the match became more balanced – 42:52.

The second half both teams started nervously, with several technical errors on both sides. Kolín concentrated earlier and reduced the guests’ lead to two points. At the beginning of the last part, Kolín equalized, but with a few inaccuracies in the finish, Komárno again offered the lead, which the guests expertly guarded.

Post-game quotes:

Filip Rytina, assistant coach of Kolín: “We start game pretty bad, Komárno were shooting lot of open 3 point shots and they were able to made that shots. During the second half we started to play much better, specially on defense, game was tied. Them Komárno again score fex three points shots and game was over. Congratulations for Komárno.“

Džiugas Slavinskas, player of Kolín: “We stared really soft. We develine, just open freeze, let them shoot and do whotever they want and they got a coach is, 2 technical faul let us go back in to the game because we started playing difference than come back we just late a bit of time to get them and that’s it.”

Zlatko Jovanović, head coach of Komárno: “First of all one difficult physical game we know that call physical and strong we know what expect let’s say all guys answer really well. In first call especially contact after we get same advantage in thirt quarter completelly answer from Kolín that we expect to the court strong they came back strong, but again we have good answer from the old players and sometime we have good victory for us. A second win is not bad. Big victory for the Komárno, congratulations to my players for one more good game and nothing else. We just go back to Slovakia on Saturday, we have a difficult game in our championship.“

Samuel Volarik, player of Komárno: “So, we are very happy that we won this match. Challenging journey, everything. I think we needed to come up with a lot of energy and we did that. We knew that Kolín is an excellent team, some players have been together for a long time. But I think we prepared well and we actually showed it in that game. We got some shots and won the game because of that.‘‘